Segments in this Video

What is Consciousness? (01:57)


Ted Honderich defines perceptive consciousness, cognitive consciousness, and affective consciousness. He introduces the overarching question for his lecture—what is consciousness in general?

Hold on Consciousness (03:07)

Honderich addresses the consciousness brain problem. In defining consciousness, it is essential to have adequate clarification.

Defining Consciousness (05:38)

Honderich outlines five leading ideas of consciousness. He applies philosophies from Thomas Nagel and John Searle.

Dualism and Physicalism (02:58)

Dualism is the general idea that consciousness is nonphysical and somehow related to the brain. Physicalism explains consciousness as objective physical facts. Honderich explains two criteria for adequate theories of consciousness.

Theories of Consciousness (02:14)

Honderich describes five criteria for theories of consciousness.

What is Actual? (05:59)

Honderich explores objective and subjective physicality. Subjective physicality is divided into physical worlds and subjective physical is representations.

Subjective Physical Worlds and Representations (04:59)

Honderich challenges traditional ideas about physical worlds. He describes characteristics of consciousness and perception as they relate to subjective and objective physical worlds.

Cognitive and Affective Consciousness (07:47)

Representations are actual and at the core of cognitive and affective consciousness. Honderich enumerates the characteristics of cognitive consciousness.

Credits: Actual Consciousness (00:22)

Credits: Actual Consciousness

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Are our minds confined to our bodies? The speaker and eminent philosopher, Ted Honderich, uncovers the true reach of human consciousness.

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