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Opioid Addiction Epidemic (02:57)


ABC partnered with over 60 network affiliates to examine the drug crisis. Drug addiction kills more individuals than guns and car accidents. This episode will explore a week in the drug crisis including DEA raids, EMS workers reviving victims, and families afflicted with the disease.

DEA Drug Raid (01:27)

Cartels sell in every state in the U.S. Because citizens abuse prescription painkillers, demand for heroin and fentanyl has increased. In Phoenix, police pursue a truck who they suspect is carrying drugs.

Heroin Addiction (02:03)

Veronica Jecker became addicted to heroin after experimenting with prescription pills; she died. Dr. Rana Biary describes how addiction is physiological and psychological.

Ohio's Drug Addiction Problem (03:39)

Within one week, 605 people entered the ER with a suspected drug overdose. Chris Green and the East Liverpool Police Department search a house suspected of containing opioids. Mike Tallas wonderis if he will receive a refill on his prescription because Dr. Howard Diamond is not allowed to practice medicine.

Phoenix Drug Raid (03:31)

The DEA executes a search warrant on a property suspected of cutting and processing illegal drugs; Joel Lopez escapes. Agents discover 15 pounds of black tar heroin, valued at over $1 million.

EMS Services (04:49)

Manatee County dictates that every overdose call has emergency medical services, police, and the fire department present. Emergency responders have administered over 1,222 doses of Narcan in the past six months. The death of a 5-year-old child haunts Pierre Thomas' memories.

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Pierre Thomas and ABC affiliates report on the opioid addiction epidemic that kills at least 91 Americans every day. Watch a DEA drug bust, EMS revive individuals who overdose, and the impact of addiction on a family on this episode of Nightline

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