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Photography and Sight (05:16)


John Dugdale explains how his visual problems began and his realization that he could see without his sense of sight. He used 19th century processes to create an album. Dugdale no longer looks behind the camera.

Visual Imagery (03:44)

Dugdale believes his visual imagination changed for the better after his stroke; he cites a dream. Oliver Sacks, who lost the sight in his right eye, had a comparable dream. The change between Dugdale's personal and professional work is significant, but a marked change since his stroke is not apparent.

Visual Perception (06:00)

Sacks learned that many people who became blind experienced a heightened visual world; he shares his experience with his feet. Dugdale can sometimes see the inside of his face. Sacks reflects on the power of visualization.

Emergency Response (02:47)

Dugdale recalls his porch catching on fire and his physical response. Sacks questions the role of visual and procedural memory in the incident.

Sensory Substitution (05:53)

Dugdale recalls realizing he could no longer read after his stroke. Sacks reflects on the brain's visual response and the ability to see with other parts of the body. Dugdale realized the loss of his eyesight had another purpose.

Human Resilience (04:11)

Dugdale believes everyone has the stamina to face a challenge. Sacks reflects on unconscious and physiological responses and shares a story about a writer who developed alexia.

Spirit and Sight (05:44)

Dugdale and Sacks discuss Julia Margaret Cameron's approach to photography. Dugdale reflects on how he would handle the sudden reappearance of eyesight and discusses working with a guide dog.

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Discussion with Oliver Sacks & John Dugdale

Part of the Series : Talks About Nothing
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What do we see when we see nothing? The famed neurologist Oliver Sacks explores inner vision with photographer John Dugdale. Stricken blind by a stroke 18 years ago at the age of 32, Dugdale was able to transform what seemed like an insurmountable liability into a successful career as an art photographer.

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