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Associative Power (08:55)


Original and imposed memories inform Sean Scully's work. Pop songs connect humanity with a personal time period.

Memory Ability (07:15)

Scully's memories center on dialogue. Scully's son seems to have inherited this gift.

Actively Forgetting (07:12)

Through zen meditation, Scully empties his mind and paints unburdened by ego. Scully has a selective memory.

Emotional Memory (04:54)

Emotions have a sacred quality. Scully's work draws from abstract expressionism.

Visual Symbols (06:27)

Meanings in Scully's work derive from associations. Semantic memory is disconnected from location or time.

Narrative Art (06:45)

Scully recalls trying to explain his painting "Vincent"; if you are interested in a painting, you will look further. Visitors to MoMA spend little time looking at paintings.

Visual Experience (04:23)

Scully wants to make simple paintings that viewers can "unpack" in seconds. Abstract expressionism's popularity has increased.

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Abstract Cognition

Part of the Series : Brainwave: Memory
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Painter Sean Scully engages with neurologist Anjan Chatterjee on the role art plays in cognitive enhancement and how it relates to identity and memory.

Length: 47 minutes

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