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Constructed Experience (05:11)


All our perceptions are illusions informed by culture and identity. Maira Kalman's work keeps her from experiencing despair.

Delightful Moments (04:41)

Walking is integral to Maira Kalman's work. Kalman's 2011 New Yorker covers is one of the most popular of all time.

Yiddish Humor (06:29)

Maira Kalman's work draws on dark humor and existentialism. Kalman has a small obsession with Robert Walser.

Changing Palettes (05:46)

Penmanship is important to Maira Kalman. Creating colors is a physical sensation.

Mocha Cream Cake (05:13)

As a child, Maira Kalman loved making lists. Kalman's adult memories center on kindness.

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The Illustrator

Part of the Series : Brainwave: Illusion
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With Columbia University psychologist Michael Morris, illustrator Maira Kalman discusses the sources of her creativity and analyzes an artist's unique capacity for observations.

Length: 28 minutes

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