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"Martin Chuzzlewit": Arriving in London (05:57)


Tom Pinch encounters Charity Pecksniff. Mercy apologizes for her past behavior and asks Pinch to convey a message to Martin Chuzzlewit Sr. Mr. Moddle escorts Pinch to Furnival's Inn and the lodgings of John Westlock.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Rescuing His Sister (06:12)

Pinch believes Westlock's low opinion of Seth Pecksniff. Miss Ruth Pinch works as a governess for the Jones. After quarreling with her employer, Pinch insists that Ruth quit and come stay with him.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": In Wiltshire (05:17)

Mary Graham receives a letter from Martin Chuzzlewit, Jr about the Eden settlement. Mark Tapley succumbs to Malaria. After they recover, Tapley and Chuzzlewit, Jr. sell the ring Graham supplied to obtain passage back to London.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": New Employer (04:51)

Mr. Oswald Fip's client needs a new secretary and librarian. Ruth promises to make steak pudding for Pinch and Westlock to celebrate. Mr. Fip does not reveal the identity of his client.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Bribing Jonas (04:41)

Mr. Natdgett obtains information for Tigg Montague. Jonas Chuzzlewit would like the position of director at the Anglo-Bengali Disinterested Loan and Life Insurance Company. Montague threatens Jonas.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Leaving London (05:30)

Westlock asks if Pinch and Ruth would dine with him. Mr. Nadgett asks Pinch to deliver a letter to Jonas and Mercy Pecksniff. Mr. Lewsome interrupts dinner.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Needing Additional Capital (05:51)

Jonas invested all his income into the Anglo-Bengali Disinterested Loan and Life Insurance Company. Montague asks Jonas to bring in Pecksniff. On the ride to Wiltshire, the carriage overturns and Bailey is injured.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Returning from America (06:19)

Tapley and Mrs. Lupin reunite. Martin Chuzzlewit, Jr. learns that Pecksniff has been courting Graham. Chuzzlewit Jr. begs his grandfather for forgiveness but is coldly rejected.

"Martin Chuzzlewit": Investors Scheme (06:28)

Jonas convinces Pecksniff to dine in Salisbury. Tigg Montague convinces Pecksniff to invest in the Anglo-Bengali Disinterested Loan and Life Insurance Company.

Credit: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 5 (00:51)

Credit: Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 5

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Martin Chuzzlewit: Episode 5

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Arriving in London, Tom Pinch accidentally meets Mrs. Jonas Chuzzlewit (nee Mercy Pecksniff) and is shocked to see that she has suffered at her husband’s hands. He sets up home in Islington with his sister Ruth and is promptly offered a librarian’s job at a most generous salary by a mysterious benefactor. In Wiltshire, Mary Graham receives news that young Martin’s property purchase in Eden has turned out to be a malarial swamp, but that he and Mark Tapley, after a long bout of illness, are on their way home to England. In London Tigg Montague’s investigations have disclosed some damning information about Jonas Chuzzlewit. Montague then attempts to blackmail him into investing more money in his business, but Jonas panics and attempts to abscond to Rotterdam with his wife. Thwarted at the docks by Montague’s agent, he agrees to try to entrap Pecksniff as an investor and persuades Montague to travel to Wiltshire with him to impress his cousin. Traveling through a thunderstorm, their coach is overturned and Jonas is narrowly prevented from arranging Montague’s "accidental" death. Young Martin returns to Wiltshire and, with the wisdom gained from his experience, asks forgiveness of his grandfather. But Pecksniff intervenes and expels him once again. Montague and Jonas dine with Pecksniff, who is persuaded to invest the bulk of his fortune in the hope of a tenfold return. Jonas leaves Montague in Wiltshire to complete the transaction with Pecksniff and returns to London.

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