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Penguins (04:32)


New Zealand is home to the most species of penguins. The penguins travel up rock faces and through forests to find and deliver food to their offspring in a clearing.

Isolation (04:36)

New Zealand does not have large predators. When geological forces millions of years ago broke apart the continents, New Zealand was forced into the ocean on its own. Many geysers and hot springs are active in New Zealand.

Fantails (02:31)

Fantails prey on insects that fly near hot springs and geysers in New Zealand. The small, quick birds leap from branches and catch insects in midair.

Ocean Life (04:46)

New Zealand sits on the boundary of two tectonic plates, which create large underwater canyons. The area is a feeding ground for whales, dolphins, and smaller ocean life.

Sheep Farming (06:59)

A mountain range, known as the Southern Alps, runs along the southern island of New Zealand. The mountains are still growing despite the thousands of glaciers. Sheep farming in the area is difficult.

Hidden Valleys (04:19)

In the hidden valleys of New Zealand, numerous animal and plant species have survived untouched for thousands of years. A species of reptiles from the Jurassic Age still live in the area.

Trees (04:42)

Podocarps trees have grown in New Zealand for thousands of year. The wood is important to the first settlers of New Zealand. Local tribes still make cravings from the wood today.

Brown Kiwi (05:19)

There is a sanctuary for brown kiwi birds in the North Island. The birds are rarely seen and only come out at night.

Earthquakes (04:35)

The geographical landscape of New Zealand makes it prone to Earthquakes. The town of Christchurch had New Zealand's most devastating Earthquake because of the tremor being so close to the surface.

Volcanoes (04:34)

The largest city of Auckland is built on an active volcano bed. The volcano Rangitoto sits in the Auckland Harbor. There are miles of caves underneath it created by ancient flows of lava.

Credits: Cast Adrift: Wild New Zealand (00:35)

Credits: Cast Adrift: Wild New Zealand

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Isolated since the time of the dinosaurs, New Zealand's wildlife has been left to its own devices, with surprising consequences. Its ancient forests are still stalked by predators from the Jurassic era. It's also one of the most geologically active countries on Earth. From Kiwis with giant eggs, to forest-dwelling penguins and helicopter-riding sheep dogs, meet the astonishing creatures and resilient people who must rise to the challenges of their beautiful, dramatic, and demanding home.

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