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"Morte D'Arthur": Affair Rekindles (06:15)


Sir Thomas Malory wrote the work on King Arthur while in prison. Sir Lancelot forgets his promise to live a good Christian life and becomes Queen Gwenyvere's lover. King Arthur knows but refuses to speak of it. (Credits)

"Morte D'Arthur": Enemies Approach (06:24)

King Arthur agrees to Sir Mordred and Sir Agravaine's plot to uncover the adultery. The Knights catch Sir Lancelot in the Queen's bedchamber. Sir Lancelot slays Sir Agravaine and wounded Sir Mordred.

"Morte D'Arthur": After the Fight (04:28)

Sir Lancelot worries that King Arthur will detest him. The lovers profess their love and exchange rings. Sir Mordred watches Lancelot depart the Queen's bedchamber.

"Morte D'Arthur": Escaping the Castle (05:00)

King Arthur listens to Sir Mordred's tale and sentences Queen Gwenyvere to death. Sir Gawaine protests. Sir Lancelot rescues the queen but kills two innocent men in the process.

"Morte D'Arthur": Repercussions (03:44)

The knights and King Arthur mourn the loss of Sir Gareth and Sir Gaheris. Sir Gawaine insists that Lancelot die for killing his kin. Arthur and Gawaine pursue the lovers to the Joyous Gard.

"Morte D'Arthur": War Erupts (05:30)

Sir Lancelot refuses to fight King Arthur. The armies battle each other. Sir Lancelot rescues the king and returns him to his horse.

"Morte D'Arthur": Ending the Violence (07:42)

The Pope issues a bull to end the violence between Arthur and Lancelot's factions. Queen Gwenyvere returns to King Arthur escorted by knights holding olive branches. Sir Lancelot agrees to return to France.

"Morte D'Arthur": Traveling to France (05:32)

The fellowship of the Round Table ends. Arthur pursues Lancelot across the channel. Sir Mordred claims that Arthur died in battle against Lancelot; the Bishop of Canterbury crowns Mordred king and begs him not to marry Queen Gwenyvere.

"Morte D'Arthur": King Arthur Returns Home (05:05)

King Arthur returns to England. Sir Gawaine is mortally injured and writes to Lancelot asking for help and forgiveness. Arthur dreams that he will die unless he makes a treaty with Sir Mordred.

"Morte D'Arthur": Arthur is Wounded (04:55)

Arthur and Sir Mordred meet. When a knight draws his sword to kill an adder, the men take it as a sign of treachery and declaration of war. At the battle, Mordred impales himself further in order to give a mortal blow to King Arthur.

"Morte D'Arthur": Battle's Over (05:27)

Sir Lucan and Bedivere carry King Arthur to a temple. Robbers pillage the dying knight's goods. Sir Bedivere throws Excalibur into the lake; the Lady of the Lake retrieves it.

"Morte D'Arthur": Arthur's End (03:25)

Three Queens in black hoods appear and escort Arthur to the Isle of Avilion. On his grave is written "The Once and Future King."

"Morte D'Arthur": Lancelot Returns (04:43)

Lancelot travels to Almesbury to seek out Queen Gwenyvere who has become a nun to atone for her infidelity. Lancelot decides to become a monk.

"Morte D'Arthur": Lancelot and Gwenyvere (06:23)

Lancelot arrives at the recluse of the Bishop of Canterbury. Other kinsmen join them and enjoy a monastic existence. Queen Gwenyvere dies; Lancelot starves himself.

"Morte D'Arthur": Lancelot's Funeral (04:32)

The Bishop of Canterbury and Lancelot's kinsmen escort his corpse to the Joyous Gard. Sir Ector de Maris arrives attends the wake. The knights returned to their countries after the funeral.

Credits: Morte D'Arthur (02:18)

Credits: Morte D'Arthur

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Malory's prose masterpiece, written in 1470, has inspired painters, poets and writers throughout the centuries. Starring Jeremy Brett, Roland Alexander and John Barton.

Length: 82 minutes

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