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Star Talk: Bill Clinton — Introduction (02:34)


Neil deGrasse Tyson introduces his guest Bill Clinton and co-hosts Comedian Chuck Nice and science expert Juan Enriquez. Tyson speaks about the scientific achievements of the Clinton presidency.

Appreciation for Science (04:13)

Tyson interviews Clinton about science classes from his school days. Clinton shares his appreciation and respect for science and what it can do for society. Tyson and co-hosts talk about the scientific achievements that are driven and encouraged by politics.

No Final Victories, No Final Defeats (03:49)

Tyson asks Clinton about strategies that politicians can use to advance scientific interests. Clinton and Tyson talk about the failure to keep the super colliding super conductor on American soil.

Advancing Science in America (04:26)

Tyson and Clinton discuss ways that scientific advances can add to human understanding and change culture. Tyson talks with Enriquez about understanding the human genome and human understanding of DNA and biology.

Synthesizing Intelligence (03:18)

Tyson and Clinton talk about the importance of being able to understand science and what science can tell us. Tyson talks with Nice and Enriquez about science communication and Carl Sagan.

Science Policy (02:59)

Tyson asks Clinton about instituting a cabinet level position in the U.S. Government devoted to science or filled by a chief scientist. Clinton speaks about how admitting error is required in science, but anathema in politics.

Science for Politicians (04:43)

Richard Muller joins the Tyson, Nice, and Enriquez via video chat to discuss the importance of science literacy for politicians and leaders in the U.S. Muller suggests the need for a presidential science advisor.

Artificial Intelligence (03:29)

Clinton talks about his belief in artificial intelligence and how he thinks it will change mankind in the near future. Tyson and co-hosts talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence and memory transplant.

Cosmic Queries (02:36)

Nice reads a question from a viewer about artificial intelligence and space exploration.

The Grandparent Test (05:52)

Tyson asks Clinton about the disconnect between what politicians think about science and what scientists think about science and progress. Clinton tells Tyson about his "Grandparent Test" for political decision making. Tyson and Enriquez talk about engineered evolution.

Innovation and Perspective (06:08)

Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about the need for scientific innovation to keep American economic growth going and the history of science promoters in our highest office. Tyson asks Clinton about how science impacted his perspective during the presidency. (Credits)

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Bill Clinton

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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with former president Bill Clinton, who was a strong advocate of science education and advancement during his two presidential terms. Comedian co-host Chuck Nice and genomics expert Juan Enriquez join Tyson in the Hall of the Universe to discuss the importance of science education in society, the Human Genome Project, and artificial intelligence.

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