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The Age of Aging—Introduction (01:44)


Humans have sought the fountain of youth for millennia. Science is finding insights into the mechanisms responsible for aging. A cure for aging and senescence may be a realistic possibility.

Experts on Aging (05:44)

A group petitions the FDA for permission to research drugs that could counteract the aging process. They discuss the hurdles and obstacles of convincing the FDA. Scientist Laura Deming became involved in the fight against aging.

Average Life Span (03:24)

Centenarians may reveal key data in the fight against age related health problems. Nir Barzilai studies a group of centenarians to find out what keeps them healthier than average. Scientists look for mutations and genetic traits that protect from aging.

Quality of Life Objectives (03:54)

Martha and Ed Kamin share photos of their life and speak about health problems associated with growing older. Sarah Crane speaks about the field of geriatrics.

Cellular Aging and Senescence (04:30)

Researchers at the Buck Institute look for drugs that could slow the aging process at the cellular level. Aging appears to be similar among most species. Senolytic drugs may offer a way to remove senescent cells and arrest aging.

Senolytic Drug Research (04:24)

Laura Deming became a venture capitalist in her quest to study the science of aging. Barzilai talks about the types of drugs available to treat symptoms the of aging. Deming and Barzilai talk about the need to convince the FDA to approve research.

Infectious Disease Model (04:38)

S. Jay Olshansky explains why our medical system is not optimized to deal with treating aging. Ezekiel Emanuel believes medical intervention late in life does not improve quality of life.

Snake Oil and False Promises (04:41)

Martha suffers a heart attack after fighting a flu and must decide on treatment options. Simon Melov discusses myths and fantasies surrounding a 'fountain of youth' drug. Scientists talk about how the noise of the anti-aging pseudoscience affects them.

Lobbying the Government (04:08)

Steven Austad and Barzilai lobby the government for permission to pursue research into combating aging. Senator Claire McCaskill talks about the economic and social implications of small gains in the fight against aging. Martha decides against an invasive and elective surgery to repair her heart valve.

Convincing the FDA (03:47)

Barzilai and his colleagues discuss strategy before meeting with the FDA to discuss drug trials. Robert Temple explains the FDA's role in permitting research on new prescription drugs. The FDA grants permission to continue the study into anti-aging drugs.

Healthy Life (02:56)

Scientists speak about the goals they have for future research and continuing the fight against aging. (Credits)

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The Age of Aging

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Humankind has been searching for the fountain of youth since the beginning of recorded history, and in some ways we have succeeded. Scientific advancements have increased life expectancy by fighting back diseases that once killed millions before the age of 60. But now that living into the 80s is commonplace, we face a new problem: by lengthening the period of illness at the end of our lives, we end up with an older and sicker population. To meaningfully improve the life of humans, we need to extend not just lifespan, but health span. A pioneering band of scientists now believe they have the knowledge to identify and slow the mechanisms of aging. Armed with these breakthroughs, they are working to change the way we treat the diseases of aging, as well as the way we think of longevity. This requires a sea change in the hearts and minds of not only the medical community, but also politicians and policy makers.

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