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Introduction to Euripides (03:36)


Experts believe Euripides may have been born on the Battle of Salamis. In 4th Century BC, the Greek Empire flourished and was building the Parthenon. Before becoming a playwright, Euripides studied philosophy and fought against Sparta. (Credits)

Life in the Greek Empire (02:04)

Socrates traveled to watch Euripides' plays. Many playwrights wrote about the Trojan War and horse. The Kouros of Apollonas lies unfinished on the island of Naxos.

Attic Drama (03:53)

During a Dionysian festival, actors performed Greek plays in a theatron; builders adapted theaters during different ages of the empire. Priests and officials sat closest to the actors. Characters wore masks, onkos, and corthuni.

Euripides' Influences (02:30)

Euripides witnessed what occurred when Melos refused to take sides; Athens enslaved all the women and children of the island after slaughtering all the men. "The Trojan Women" premiered in 415 BC.

"The Trojan Women": Hector Dies (10:03)

Hecuba laments the loss of her son and Cassandra. Andromache would prefer to die than live. Hecuba urges her to make the best of the situation; if she bears other children they can help build a new Troy.

"The Trojan Women": Talthybius Returns (09:43)

Talthybius informs Andromache that Astyanax must be executed. Andromache says goodbye to her son and curses Helen.

"The Trojan Women": Hecuba Says Goodbye (04:01)

Talthybius leaves with Astyanax. Hecuba watches Troy burn to the ground. Euripides influenced the plays of John Milton, Jean Racine, Vittorio Alfieri, Lord Byron, and Eugene O'Neill.

Credits: Euripides' Life and Times: The Trojan Women (01:44)

Credits: Euripides' Life and Times: The Trojan Women

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This video presents a brief description of the life of Euripides and the development of the Greek theater, looking at the play The Trojan Women and explaining how it is an indictment against the horror and futility of war.

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