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Fetal Stem Cell Therapy Controversy (06:24)


Americans share their views on the ethics of harvesting stem cells. The FDA is attempting to block approval due to the inability to patent and market stem cells. Patients that received stem cell therapy outside the U.S. share their experiences. (Credits)

Stem Cell Types and Function (05:17)

Embryonic, umbilical, and adult cells must spontaneously transform into different cell types to be effective; hear limitations for each type. Fetal cells contain the unadulterated building blocks of nervous and immune systems, and provide cells from most relevant organs.

Slowing Disease Progression (03:00)

Fetal stem cell research controversies make it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Joey, 12, has muscular dystrophy limb-girdle; doctors are amazed at his improvement with stem cell therapy. Steve Hodge has kept his Parkinson's symptoms at bay.

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (04:32)

Public stem cell agency CIRM has faced criticism for slow progress. The agency's biggest challenge is the FDA, which created a tiered approach to regulating cell therapy. Pharmaceutical companies favor non-cell technologies.

Stabilizing MS (03:29)

Stem cell therapy halted the progress of Lawrence Simon's multiple sclerosis. His doctor Albert Tawil was skeptical but is now amazed at his progress. Stem Cell of America Chief Scientific Officer William Rader lost his license; patients receive treatment in Mexico.

EmCell: Day One (05:42)

Eric Merola travels to Kiev to undergo a three day longevity program. Dr. Iryna Matiyashchuk's team develops a personalized fetal stem cell protocol to increase oxygen to organ tissues and protect against atherosclerosis. He also receives a chorion cell facial.

EmCell: Day Two (04:54)

Merola receives a massage, hyperbaric oxygen, a facial, and a second round of fetal stem cells. In Kiev, he meets Art DeMarco, in stem cell therapy to treat spinal cord injuries and nerve pain.

EmCell: Day Three (02:54)

Merola receives a third round of fetal stem cells. Dr. Matiyashchuk summarizes his personalized longevity plan. The Kelleher family treats Beckham's autism; clinic founder Dr. Alexey Karpenko predicts a partial recovery.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism (04:13)

Merola visits the Kelleher family in Texas after Beckham's EmCell treatment. His parents Terri and Matt discuss physical, cognitive and behavioral improvements. View an occupational therapy session.

Stem Cell Therapy for ADHD (02:48)

While at EmCell to treat Beckham's autism, Terry and Matt's older son Matt Jr. underwent treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Since then, his school grades have improved and he has stopped medication. His overactive bladder and skin conditions have also improved.

Founding EmCell (04:16)

Dr. Karpenko worked with Ukraine's Ministry of Health to develop fetal stem cell therapy technology. After harvesting, cells are cryo-preserved and sent to research, microbiology, and polymerase chain reaction departments for viability and safety testing.

Fetal vs. Embryonic Stem Cells (03:30)

Distinguish between fetal and embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes. Merola could not convince Marsha Blackburn, Franklin Graham, or James Thomson to go on camera opposing fetal stem cell therapy. Dr. Karpenko explains how it benefits chronically ill patients.

Credits: The God Cells: The Fetal Stem Cell Controversy (01:09)

Credits: The God Cells: The Fetal Stem Cell Controversy

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Fetal stem cell treatment has demonstrated near miraculous potential but many patients are forced to seek therapy abroad. This program investigates the religious and regulatory roadblocks hindering its market approval. Filmmaker Eric Merola travels to Kyiv, Ukraine, to undergo a three day personalized anti-aging fetal stem cell program. EmCell, a clinic founded by Dr. Alexey Karpenko, has had 70% success rates in treating patients with chronic and degenerative diseases, from diabetes to autism to multiple sclerosis.

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