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Introduction: Working in a Travel and Tourism Team (04:41)


Teamwork benefits include improved results, a greater sense of ownership, accountability, innovation, and decreased staff absenteeism and turnover rates. Thomas Cook's Pete Constanti discusses fostering teamwork in a multinational organization. Learn about team building exercises.

Types of Teams (01:49)

Formal teams are functional are compiled to achieve a specific goal. Informal teams have common interests and informal groups serve social functions.

Conflict (03:55)

Conflict causes include poor communication, people seeking power, poor results, poor leadership, lack of trust, and a change in leadership. Resolution strategies include acknowledging conflict, setting clear goals, improving communication, appreciating team diversity, allowing innovation, encouraging discussion, and developing trust and respect.

Developing Effective Teams (05:38)

Good communication, mutual respect, leadership, and team culture are crucial for effective teams; clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and rules should be balanced with flexibility. View requirements for building a good team and ways to evaluate team performance.

Credits: Working in a Travel and Tourism Team (00:41)

Credits: Working in a Travel and Tourism Team

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Working in a Travel and Tourism Team

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Travel and tourism is an industry where teamwork is universal. Just about any employment role involves other people you rely on to be able to do your job. Every team is unique and there are many factors contributing to how effectively its members work together. This film explores some of the critically important ones, including: an introductory overview of travel and tourism teams, types of teams, dealing with conflict, and developing effective teams. Expert commentary is delivered by a range of experts. Interviewees: Steve Pauley (Your Business Matters Ltd), Pete Constanti (Thomas Cook), Sadiq Tania (The Trafford Centre) and John Hughes (Customer Services Network). Street interviews are also featured. For students of travel and tourism, and anyone interested in learning about teamwork in the industry from people working within it, this film is an ideal resource.

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