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Joe Foss: Introduction (01:42)


Foss grew up on a farm in South Dakota. He talked his way into fighter pilot training in WWII and shot down 26 enemy planes in Guadalcanal. He served as governor of South Dakota, founding commissioner of the AFL, and was a prominent figure in creating the Super Bowl.

Foss' Roots (03:04)

Foss was born in 1915 and grew up on a farm in South Dakota. A plane ride over Sioux Falls instilled a desire to fly; his father's death delayed college plans. He paid off the farm, returned to college, and took flying lessons.

Early Military Career (03:57)

Foss joined the civil pilot training program and enlisted in the Marines. He attended flight school and fighter training, became a flight instructor, and joined a photo reconnaissance squadron. Foss convinced the Navy to let him train as a carrier pilot.

Guadalcanal Campaign (03:09)

Foss received orders to fly to the Pacific but did not know his destination. The Japanese tried to capture Guadalcanal and the U.S. made a stand. Foss recalls arriving on the island.

Guadalcanal Bombardment (03:34)

During nine days of engagement on Guadalcanal, Foss became an ace; he recalls engaging in battle. The Japanese set a capture date and increased attack intensity.

Foss and the Flying Circus (03:07)

Foss and his squadron fought against a much large Japanese force. He shot down 14 planes in 14 days. In November, he crashed landed in water and was rescued. Foss recorded 23 kills before contracting malaria; he recorded three more when he recovered.

Squadron Training (01:49)

Foss returned to the U.S. and sold war bonds before training a new squadron in the F4U Corsair. He needed help addressing problems with the plane; Charles Lindbergh arrived.

Foss' Legacy (02:25)

An examination of the units Foss led is critical to understanding his skill. After the war, Foss helped established the Air National Guard, served two terms as a governor, was president of the NRA, hosted a television program, and served as commissioner of the AFL; he died in 2003.

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Joe Foss (00:29)

Credits: Legends of Air Power: Joe Foss

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He was born in 1915 to a Norwegian-Scots family in South Dakota. Though he grew up poor, Joe Foss was able to scrape together $65 for flying lessons, and from then on he was hooked. After joining the Marines, Foss fought in WWII, racked up 26 aerial victories, and was awarded the Medal of Honor. After the war, this intrepid Marine helped organize the South Dakota Air National Guard, fought in the Air Force during the Korean War, was elected Governor of South Dakota, and even became the first American Football League Commissioner.

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