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Wales' Only Serial Killer (02:30)


Professor David Wilson profiles serial killers and examines their childhoods to discover why they murder. Authorities believe Peter Moore assaulted over 50 men. Nicknamed the "man in black," the serial killer murdered four men. (Credits)

Murdering Ted Carthy (04:38)

Gay men were blamed for the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s and many went back into hiding. Beatie Carthy remembers her stepson's kindness and addiction to drugs. Moore met Ted Carthy on Stanley Street, stabbed him, and dumped his body in the Clocaenog Forest.

Turning Into a Murderer (02:00)

Moore murdered four men in ten weeks, but managed to suppress his psychopathic tendencies for forty years. Moore assaulted dozens of men located all over North Wales. Experts discuss how the serial killer was viewed as a reputable business owner.

Moore's Childhood (03:34)

Wilson describes how Moore possessed an Electra complex towards his father. The serial killer moved with his family to Darlington House when he was six. His father died when Moore was in his twenties.

Moore's Assaults (03:47)

Moore inherited his father's hardware store and divested into other types of merchandise. Even though homosexuality was legalized, there was still a stigma in North Wales. The "man in black" assaulted hundreds of men over two decades and was never caught because he instilled fear in victims and was difficult to identify.

Nazi Obsession (05:09)

In his youth, Moore collected Nazi memorabilia and dressed as a Gestapo agent when assaulting homosexuals. Because cottaging was illegal, Moore rented a video shop from Lewis Colwell for privacy. The serial killer would forget to purchase new videos and buy them secondhand.

Career in Cinema (02:16)

The serial killer purchased two cinemas after selling his father's business and ran popular children's clubs. Moore spoke to the media multiple times about how he was reviving small town cinema. While Colwell concentrated on movies that he liked, Moore concentrated on family friendly films.

Momma's Boy (02:08)

Moore kept his sexuality and assaults a secret because he did not want to upset his mother. Wilson describes how Moore's mother dampened his murderous impulses, but his psychopathic fantasies still existed.

Mother Dies (03:04)

Moore hosted sadomasochistic parties at his mother's home and increased the frequency of his assaults. He now ran three cinemas. North Wales identified him as the hero of the small cinema, but Moore was facing bankruptcy because he had not paid a bill in months.

Henry Robert's Murder (04:05)

Moore identified Henry Robert's pattern of walking home every evening to his cottage. One night, Moore feigned that his car had broken down and the two chatted about Moore's Nazi paraphernalia. Two days later, Moore returned in a Gestapo uniform and stabbed Roberts 27 times.

Subsequent Victims (03:02)

Moore cut off Carthy's head and targeted a straight man. Keith Randles lived in a mobile home Moore noticed by the side of the road. After stabbing Randles, Moore realized he left his bow tie at the crime scene and went back to recover it.

Last Victim (02:39)

Dave Morris describes how one of Moore's victims escaped and could identify the serial killer's home. Furious that the victim escaped, Moore stabbed Anthony Davies to death and wanted to murder his bank manager.

Police Close In on Moore (02:24)

Morris notes that the two locations of the bodies were 50 miles apart and that the escaped victim identified Moore in his assault. Moore also rented a van that had been seen near the location of Davies' murder at Pensarn Beach. Police arrested Moore.

Moore Confessed to Murders (02:09)

Moore confessed to additional assaults and wanting to kill his bank manager. Police had not found Carthy's body and charged him with Davies, Roberts, and Randle's murders. At trial, Moore denied culpability and said he was protecting "Jason."

Desperate for Media Attention (02:54)

Reporters and detectives describe how Moore would pose for cameras. The judge found Moore guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Moore appealed the verdict twice but has been unsuccessful.

Credits: Peter Moore: First Kill, Last Kill (00:32)

Credits: Peter Moore: First Kill, Last Kill

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This video profiles Peter Moore, who murdered four men in 1995 for "fun" and sexually assaulted others. Professor David Wilson explores the life and psychological motivation behind the "man in black."

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