Segments in this Video

Photosynthesis—Introduction (04:47)


Jim Harrigan explains the chemical process of photosynthesis. A chemical equation illustrates the process of turning water and CO2 into sugar, water, and oxygen via solar energy. All living things require and procure energy for life.

Cells, Energy, & Glucose (04:07)

Harrigan uses metaphors to explain cellular energy processes and chemical bonding. See animated renderings of molecules interacting and bonding. Glucose stores energy gained from photosynthesis.

ATP (02:55)

Harrigan explains the function of ATP with metaphors. See a cartoon of an ATP molecule going through the cyclic cellular energy process.

Sunlight (02:12)

See a demonstration of how much energy is contained within sunlight. Light is made of photons and can be broken into a spectrum of energy levels.

Chlorophyll (02:04)

Harrigan explains what chlorophyll is and where it is found in plant life. See an illustration of a chloroplast, the plant cell organelle that contains chlorophyll molecules.

Carbon Dioxide and Water (04:35)

Harrigan explains the use of carbon dioxide and water molecules during photosynthesis. An animation explains the role of enzymes in the energy process. Light reactions and dark reactions occur during photosynthesis.

The Process of Photosynthesis (04:44)

Harrigan narrates a cartoon example of the complete process of photosynthesis. See a step-by-step illustration of the chemical process that creates energy from sunlight.

Respiration (02:56)

Harrigan explains the final step of the photosynthetic process. During respiration, glucose is broken down and the energy is released for use by a living organism.

Photosynthesis—The Botany Series: Credits (00:55)

Photosynthesis—The Botany Series: Credits

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This video explores the process of photosynthesis, considering the necessary elements for it to occur. It differentiates between heterotrophs and autotrophs and illustrates what happens in the dark and light reactions.

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