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Cantabon, Siquijor (03:14)


The Philippines consist of 7,000 islands, 2,000 of which are populated. Bernard Fontanille travels to Siquijor, an island once associated with sorcery but now recognized for its healers. Fontanille finds Juanita and Nöel Torremocha making protection amulets.

Botanical and Medicinal Knowledge (03:50)

Nöel protects the forest resources on Siquijor; he shows Fontanille his medicinal plants. The Torremochas dry wood and plants for use in treatments. Nöel explains how he became a healer.

Traditional Healers (01:51)

People from the all over the archipelago seek physical and spiritual treatment on Siquijor. A woman explains why she came to Nöel.

Purification Ritual (02:40)

Nöel accompanies his patient to a purification session; the ritual is a preamble to all treatments. Nöel explains the use of the transfer stone.

Natural Remedies (02:24)

Fontanille accompanies Nöel to a cave where they collect limestone for the patient's treatment; they only take broken stalactites.

Medicinal Toxins (04:29)

Fontanille helps Pedro gather items from the sea that Nöel and Juanita will use in treatments— mainly toxic and stinging species.

Python Medicinal Properties (03:04)

Fontanille joins Juanita during a weekly healing session; she uses python grease to reduce the scar on a patient's chest. Juanita discusses her father's discovery of the treatment and endangered species.

Traditional Remedy (03:42)

Nöel creates the remedy for his patient from all of the items gathered, including a human skull. He discusses the importance of magic and plants in healing. Fontanille reflects on the treatment.

Credits: The Philippines: Siquijor, The Healing Island—World Medicine (00:29)

Credits: The Philippines: Siquijor, The Healing Island—World Medicine

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The Philippines: Siquijor, The Healing Island—World Medicine

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Siquijor is a small island located in the heart of the Visayan Islands. For a long time Siquijor was feared on account of its witches, but today, the island is famous for its healers. The power in Siquijor is intrinsically linked to its earth. The island’s limestone, non-volcanic soil is unlike others in the archipelago. Bernard Fontanille meets Noel Terremocha, a well-known healer and follows him on a quest for ingredients.

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