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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (02:40)


Each year, one hundred children with FAS are born in Denmark. Meet Cecilie, age-21, she lives in a group home for people with disabilities. She prefers to stay in her room and takes steps to deal with her hypersensitivity,

Loving Relationships (01:40)

Jonas has a girlfriend who lives in her own flat. They take trips together and edit photos into videos with music. She has Down syndrome and he has fetal alcohol syndrome.

Foster Family (02:30)

Cecilie was born two months prematurely. See video of her in the hospital and orphanage. She experienced withdrawal symptoms after birth and was sensitive to noise, light, and touch.

Stories About Jonas' Childhood (02:05)

Jonas lives with his adoptive mother Lise Friismose, who believed she was getting a healthy child. See video of him as a small child in an orphanage in Romania. In addition to his cleft palate, his hearing was impaired, he would not sit still, and he did not like to cuddle.

"Pregnant Mom Kills Husband" (04:18)

Cecilie ponders what her life might have been like if her mother had lived. She is comforted by her birth mother's sister and her sister Christina Bergstrom, who was born addicted to drugs. They read newspaper articles about their mom who was found to be acting in self-defense.

Jonas Writes a Letter (02:10)

Jonas enjoys his job at a grocery store. He has been invited to a party by two of his coworkers. His mom helps him budget for gifts and spending money.

"I Don't Belong Here" (01:52)

See video of Cecilie dancing as a child. She wants to move out of the group home to explore her passions; acting, writing, and art.

Life Skills (01:46)

Jonas is learning how to live on his own. An educationist helps him with shopping and cooking.

Birthday Party (01:55)

Cecilie's foster family come to celebrate her birthday. She is saving money towards a trip to Greenland.

Living Away From Home (03:48)

Jonas lives in a community with other young adults. He is free to make his own decisions and takes good care of his own space. He has made a friend in Dion who also has FAS; they talk about their families.

Suicidal Thoughts (02:47)

Cecilie eats her desert before dinner because there are no adults around to tell her not to. She stays in her room and plays on her computer to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Jonas talks with his friend Dion who was removed from his parents at age 14, and moved in with foster parents who also had substance abuse problems

Teased for Being Different (02:18)

Cecilie visits her old elementary school where she did not have any friends. See video of her working with a teacher for students with special needs.

Special Youth Training (02:22)

Jonas attended a college for youth with disabilities for two years before deciding it was not the right place for him. Cecilie attends a special needs school, but feels limited by her environment.

Forming Sentences (02:21)

Jonas describes the struggles that come with not being able to read. He works with a special needs teacher to memorize frequently used words. He uses his new skill at work.

Plans for the Future (03:17)

Cecile has a boyfriend. They talk about actors as he laces her shoes for her. She "mothers" a lifelike doll, and hopes to have a dog someday.

Advice for Coping (03:08)

Dion tells Jonas about the bad experience he had while visiting his family over Easter. His mother will not acknowledge that her drinking while pregnant caused her son's brain damage.

Reunited With Blood Grandmother (02:25)

Cecile travels to Greenland, the homeland of her birth mother. She visited once before with her foster parents when she was 15.

Making the Best of Things (02:08)

Jonas is preparing to get his driver's license. Cecilie's trip to visit her grandmother in Greenland has taught her not to be afraid of new things.

Anxiety Attack (05:22)

Cecilie watches movies and plays bingo with her granny. She feels more comfortable in Greenland where she is not judged for being different. She says goodbye to her blood relative before returning to Denmark.

Ready to Branch Out (02:33)

Jonas feels he is ready for more autonomy. He now has a car and drivers license.

Bigger Apartment (03:22)

Cecilie moves into a new flat with help from her parents. She has more space and a nice view.

Credits: Sensitive Souls (01:15)

Credits: Sensitive Souls

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Cecilie and Jonas are two Danish 21-year-olds who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, permanent brain damage caused by the consumption of alcohol by their mothers during pregnancy. Despite having FAS, their dreams and aspirations - love, travel, independence - are familiar. Intimate footage shows their struggle to find happiness in spite of suffering a condition that makes the most basic tasks of everyday life extremely difficult.

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