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Stabs, Aches, and Jolts (02:00)


New advances in science and medicine are paving the way for new treatments targeting chronic back pain. Four million Australians suffer from low back pain.

Acute to Chronic (03:41)

Pain is part of a survival response and forces sufferers to protect their bodies. Acting like an alarm system, the experience of pain alerts the brain through the spinal cord. Places in the body called nociceptors trigger pain.

Revolutionary New Device (03:07)

A spinal cord stimulator engineered by John Parker and his team is being tested to block pain sent to the brain. The stimulator receives feedback from the nervous system of the sufferer it is attached to, creating a two-way conversation for the first time in scientific history.

Chronic Pain and Spinal Cord (02:42)

Greg will be the third recipient of the spinal cord stimulator created by Parker and undergoes surgery to have it placed. Greg suffers from sensitization, meaning he experiences more pain from less provocation.

Pain Regardless of Age (04:05)

Gym-goer Michael Lovegrove injured himself and is now suffering from chronic back pain. Neuroscientist Dr. Sylvia Gustin is trying to decipher whether people suffering from chronic back pain have changes evident in their brains.

Adaptation Machines (03:11)

Gustin has observed that people with chronic back pain have a number of changes in their brains: the prefrontal cortex and the thalamus decrease in size.

Sensory and Motor Retraining (03:26)

Lorimer Moseley performs a simple technique on a patient that should help his body fine-tune its responses to pain. He created a program called Explain Pain to inform patients what is happening in their bodies when they experience pain.

Knowing What Pain Is (03:10)

Mr. Yh Yau found spinal deterioration in a chronic back pain sufferer and performed surgery to alleviate her pain. The surgery reduced the pain, and Yau also prescribed a pain management plan.

Significant Reduction in Pain (01:55)

Two weeks following the insertion of his permanent implant, Greg is doing better and is able to walk several blocks. He has been able to stop taking painkillers and finds his mind feeling clear.

Credits: When Pain Persists: Catalyst (00:32)

Credits: When Pain Persists: Catalyst

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Back pain, almost all of us has either had it or will experience it in our life time. In fact four million Australians may be suffering from low back pain right now, and for around 40% of people that pain will persist and become chronic with devastating effects. But what if you could end the agony? Catalyst reporter investigates recent advances in science and medical engineering that are transforming our understanding of chronic back pain and opening the door to new treatments in the hope of bringing relief to so many people.

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