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Moving and Witnessing Workshop (05:04)


A group of theatre and dance students is shown working with Goldhahn at Dartington College of Arts. One part of the group watches while the other group is moving. Students appear very confident in this experience. Some of them abandon their sense of self temporarily in order to contact extreme emotional expression. They also show an ability to react to each other with ease as trainee dancers and actors are able to do.

Collaboration (05:07)

Leena Rouhiainen and Soili Hämäläinen moving quietly and attentively side by side. Both are Professors of Dance and use their practice as research. Here each of them follows her own movements initiated by inner attentiveness. Each one seems to have a bond of embodied communication to the other dancer and to Goldhahn, their witness with the camera. The focus here is on the discovery of dance movement through Authentic Movement.

Four Movers (07:29)

This is a film that captures one of Goldhahn's workshop sessions with dancers and PhD research students at Theatre Academy, University of the Arts in Helsinki. Being entirely silent, the viewer can focus here on the shapes and the colors of the movers and their spontaneous choreography as seen by the teacher / film-maker.

Graffiti (04:33)

This is a dance film with dancer Malaika Sarco featuring site specific dance improvisation based on Authentic Movement practice, UK, part of Goldhahn's interdisciplinary arts project Spinning Towns.

Credits: Movers and Witnesses: Authentic Movement in Theatre and Dance Practice (00:24)

Credits: Movers and Witnesses: Authentic Movement in Theatre and Dance Practice

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Movers and Witnesses: Authentic Movement in Theatre and Dance Practice

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This program shares the unique and artistic ways of Eila Goldhahn's approach using Authentic Movement practice (or the MoverWitness exchange Goldhahn 2007) in arts and educational settings. Showing the practice within workshop and studio formats, the video illustrates how this expressive therapy approach can also be used to train dancers and actors. From sourcing movement material to building ways of collaborating, the viewer can see how the practice can be used to develop new choreography or arrive at an artistic piece of dance video art. The practice itself takes place within a very simple score or frame; there is no music to inspire participants who close their eyes when they move. Their movement arises out of stillness and spontaneous impulses of body and mind and the ensuing choreography of gestures can be suprising, poignant, meaningful, and therapeutic.

Length: 24 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63521-268-6

Copyright date: ©2005

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