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Depression And Suicide (03:41)


Listen to a teen describe her depression. Depression is a medical condition that causes a disturbance in a person's emotions or feelings. Depressed individuals feel sad, inactive, have difficulty focusing, and may be suicidal; teenagers are more susceptible because of hormones and fragile self-esteem.

Definition of Depression (03:25)

Boys may become angry or participate in anti-social behaviors. Girls internalize their emotions, leading to self-mutilation or eating disorders. Depression affects millions of people and can cause changes in eating or sleeping patterns, isolation, and disinterest in activities.

Causes of Depression (04:12)

Chemical imbalances, health problems, family life, social problems, and genetics can contribute to serious depression. Up to 14 percent of children experience an episode of major depression before age 15.

Characteristics of Major Depression (02:25)

When depression continues for an extended period of time or hampers functioning, seek assistance. Symptoms include focusing difficulties, feeling worthless, excessive guilt, sleep issues, change in appetite, self-imposed isolation, falling grades, and suicidal thoughts. At any time five percent of the U.S. population is suffering from depression.

Treatment for Depression (02:52)

If a teen suffers from depression, encourage them to seek help from a counselor or therapist in order to externalize feelings. Women suffer from depression twice as often as men. Effort is required to get better.

Finding and Offering Support (02:17)

Suicide is the greatest danger of leaving depression untreated; suicide attempts may be a cry for help. Viewers are advised to reach out to a trusted adult if a friend or peer is showing symptoms of depression.

Credits: Depression and Suicide— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions (00:36)

Credits: Depression and Suicide— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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Depression and Suicide—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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In this video psychologists, social workers, mental health experts, and teenagers discuss symptoms of depression, underlying factors, and seeking help.

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