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Born with Arthrogryposis (02:58)


Lilly Lomas wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She prefers to crawl or shuffle around on her bottom rather than use prosthesis.

March 2010 (02:28)

Sharee and Peter adopted Lilly when she was eight months old. After Lilly was diagnosed, her parents joined a support group for arthrogryposis to learn more about the condition.

Limb Stretching (02:07)

Doctors operated on Lilly to straighten her feet. The blood vessels were badly damaged during surgery and the foot died. Her leg had to be amputated.

Physiotherapy Session (02:51)

Sharee and Peter have been open and honest with Lily before each surgery. The artificial legs are bulky and painful for Lilly. She must learn to use her core strength.

Keeping Up at School (03:43)

Lilly manages to keep up with her schoolwork in spite of numerous surgeries and doctor's visits. During lunchtime and playtime, Lilly must remain in her wheelchair. A teacher works with Lilly daily to improve her walking.

Seeking Control (02:11)

Lilly becomes aggressive and defiant. Sharee believes she is grieving the loss of her legs. She tries to comfort Lilly.

Teaching Lilly to Adapt (02:00)

Sharee and Peter teach Lilly coping skills so she can be as independent as possible.

Bad Dreams (02:50)

Sharee explains that Lilly's nightmare was trying to tell her she needed to learn how to walk. Lilly rides a pony. It helps improve her core strength, which will improve her walking.

Meeting a Fellow Amputee (04:36)

Robbie shows Lilly all the prosthetics she wears. Sharee describes Lilly's recent meltdown. Robbie tries to convince Lilly to use her legs more.

Hopes and Dreams (02:16)

Lilly watches the dancers perform during class. Sharee hopes Lilly feels inspired to walk more.

Credits: Lilly's Legs—Against the Odds (00:42)

Credits: Lilly's Legs—Against the Odds

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Both of Lilly Lomas' legs have been amputated. Watch as she learns coping skills and struggles to walk again in this episode of Against the Odds.

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