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Freak Accident (02:46)


When Scott Martlew lost his leg, he had to relearn how to paddle. After an injury to his thigh, he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis.

Leg Amputation (02:31)

Martlew remained in a coma for a month. The community rallied together to fund-raise for his rehabilitation. A friend gave him a canoe paddle to encourage him to start competing again.

Entering and Maneuvering the Canoe (02:27)

Martlew was a champion both before and after he lost his leg. His foot steers the rudder and helps balance him. Leigh Bazher coaches him to excel despite his disability.

Community Event (04:39)

The Rugby Foundation bought Martlew a new canoe— his father's coworkers raised money to purchase him an adaptive car. He is pursuing his degree at Christchurch Polytech. He prefers crutches to his artificial leg.

Wrist Strain (04:23)

Martlew meets with a trainer to help him transition to an artificial leg. It chafes against his skin, but he needs to wean himself off crutches.

Training Increases (02:26)

Martlew meets with a trainer to improve his endurance and strength. He trains with several canoeists. His coach, Bazher is pleased with the outcome.

Workload at Polytech (02:20)

Martlew begins an internship with a surveyor. He and his coach meet to watch video of his races and strategize.

Nationals 2014 (02:01)

As the only paracanoist, Martlew races against members of the New Zealand team. He hopes to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics.

Angry when He Gets Beaten (03:43)

Martlew's ambition drives him to succeed. His times are comparable to the best Paralympic canoeists. He works with sports scientists to improve his technique and speed.

Credits: Scott's Comeback— Against the Odds (00:41)

Credits: Scott's Comeback— Against the Odds

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After a devastating accident, Scott Martlew defies odds and expectations attempting to be one of the best paracanoists in the world. Watch as he trains for the 2016 Paralympics in this episode of Against the Odds.

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