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A Chance at Life: Great Ormond Street: Introduction (01:25)


The General Surgery Unit performs operations many other hospitals cannot. Saying yes to a surgery requires living with the consequences.

Pediatric Tumor Specialist (03:22)

Dr. Edward Kiely has performed over 15,000 operations. Eliana, 9-years-old, has a massive benign stomach tumor that continues to grow. Kiely discusses the surgery with Eliana's mother.

Eliana's Surgery (04:21)

The tumor grew into Eliana's liver and kidneys. Kiely carefully removes the tumor piece-by-piece; it weighs three kg.

Eliana Post-Op (01:43)

Kiely informs Eliana's parents that the surgery went well. Eliana wakes up in recovery with her parents by her side.

Specialized Department (02:48)

The General Surgery Unit performs over 1,500 operations on children every year. Sebastian, 17-years-old, has been living in the hospital for the past year preparing for surgery; he must legally consent to his surgery. Dr. Joe Curry discusses Sebastian's previous surgeries.

Concerns about Surgery (02:20)

Curry reviews the surgical procedure and with Sebastian. Sebastian believes he must have the surgery.

Intensive Care Unit (02:26)

Nathan Askew helps ease Sebastian's anxiety about his surgery. Sebastian worries about the length of recovery time.

Emergency Surgery (04:04)

Doctors suspect that a newborn baby's bowel is perforated; he may also have brain damage. Kiely discovers the baby's bowels are twisted and removes the blockage. Initial tests indicate severe injury to cerebral function.

Baby's Condition (02:27)

The baby's overall condition has not improved by the next day; if he does not improve soon, he has no chance of survival. A few days later, the baby has slightly improved. Kiely reflects on the ethics involved in pediatric surgery.

Eliana's Tumor Removal (02:22)

General surgeons and pediatric oncologist Penelope Brock meet to assess Eliana's case. Eliana prepares to leave the hospital. Curry explains why he enjoys pediatric surgery.

Sebastian's Consent (04:05)

Curry has a final discussion with Sebastian and his mother about the surgery and potential risks; Sebastian agrees to the operation. Curry reflects on how hard it is for parents when children undergo surgery.

Rare form of Cancer (02:42)

Aarin, 5-years-old, has a tumor in his stomach; a previous surgery attempt failed. Aarin received antibody therapy in hopes the tumor would become operable. Kiely reviews Aarin's scans; there has been little change in the tumor.

Aarin's Prognosis (02:42)

Kiely discusses Aarin's scan and the benefits of surgery with Aarin's family. Aarin's father, Nehall Bhatt, consents to surgery.

Aarin's Surgery (05:31)

Kiely expects Aarin's surgery to test his skills as a surgeon; the tumor is embedded around major blood vessels. Kiely operates for 10 hours. Aarin's mother Rachna reflects on the life Aarin has known.

Sebastian's Surgery (04:04)

Curry reflects on Sebastian's case. Kiely assists in the operation and after 12 hours, the surgeons successfully move Sebastian's stomach into his chest. Sebastian will remain in a medically induced coma for five days.

Sebastian's Health Deteriorates (03:16)

Sebastian developed a massive infection that spread to his brain two days after surgery. Curry hopes Sebastian will not suffer brain damage. Sebastian's condition worsens.

Sebastian's Prognosis (02:30)

Doctors gather to discuss how to treat Sebastian's infection.

Aarin's Recovery (02:00)

Kiely checks on Aarin; Aarin soon leaves the hospital. Kiely reflects on the benefits of Aarin's surgery.

Patient Updates (03:46)

Sebastian died three weeks after his operation. Kiely and Curry reflect on high risk operations and losing patients. Aarin's cancer is in remission, the newborn baby died six weeks after his operation, and Eliana made a full recovery.

Credits: A Chance at Life: Great Ormond Street, Series 2 (00:45)

Credits: A Chance at Life: Great Ormond Street, Series 2

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An intimate portrait of two surgeons in Great Ormond Street's General Surgery unit. Navigating between ground breaking success and devastating failure, they must balance the risk of surgery against the chance of success. Treating children with extraordinarily complex conditions, some of whom are old enough to be involved in the decision making, this film follows the surgeons, patients and their families as they embark on a journey of preparation towards their operation and into the unknown. A BBC Production.

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