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Introduction: Personal Finance: When am I Ever Going to Use This? (02:31)


Viewers will learn how to budget their money and use personal finance skills. By growing your money, you can secure financial stability. Personal finance skills allow individuals to reach peak fiscal fitness.

Personal Finance (04:56)

Monopoly teaches how to make wise financial decisions by managing, investing, and saving money; it is important to start planning now. Aggie H. discusses her struggles with money. Newlyweds describe the differences between needs and wants.

Creating a Budget (02:47)

Learn what a budget is and how to create one. Understand the importance of disposable income and why saving 10-20% of your paycheck is essential.

Banking (02:11)

A bank helps keep your money safe and offers different types of accounts. Technology has made banks more accessible.

Investing (02:25)

When investing money, consider the interest rate. See investment scenario options.

Understanding your Paycheck (02:07)

Learn the difference between gross pay and net pay and the types of deductions in your paycheck. Always review your pay stub to ensure accuracy.

Managing your Debt (02:31)

Identify necessary and unnecessary debt; credit cards can be dangerous. Ralph G. explains how to wisely use credit cards.

Credit Scores (03:26)

Learn tips to establishing a good credit history and how to avoid a bad credit score. Explore strategies on purchasing an automobile, the importance of insurance, and careers in your field of interests.

Recap (01:25)

Review the information on personal finance discussed in this video.

Credits: Personal Finance: When am I Ever Going to Use This? (00:11)

Credits: Personal Finance: When am I Ever Going to Use This?

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Personal Finance: When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

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The skills and examples in this video help students realize that using personal finance skills will impact their lives today and in the future. Real professionals explain how and why learning personal finance was a key to their current and future success. Topics Included: spending & budgeting, saving & investing, managing debt, financial planning and more. 

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