Segments in this Video

First Pilgrimage (03:59)


Almost 1/4 of the world's population is Muslim. Believers are called to make the Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Listen to interviews with several Boston pilgrims making their first journey.

Expectations Meet Reality (02:11)

Only Muslims are allowed to enter Mecca. Host Bruce Feiler meets with Imam Johari Abdul Malik to understand the pilgrim's journey.

Islam Origins (02:17)

Listen to a description of Muhammad's early life and how the Islamic faith began. Believers pray five times a day.

Early Muslims (02:53)

Listen to a description of the Battle of Uhud. The Boston Pilgrims visit the site and describe the experience.

Connecting With the Man (03:56)

The second largest mosque is built around Muhammad's tomb. His house is marked by a green dome.

Getting Ready (02:06)

The Boston pilgrims prepare to enter Mecca. They are reminded that life isn't infinite.

Medina to Mecca (03:53)

The population of Mecca can double or triple during the pilgrimage. The Great Mosque is said to hold up to a million people. Boston pilgrims make the Tawaf and describe their journey.

Alone With God (02:00)

The Boston pilgrims describe their experience on the Tawaf. Many venture to kiss the Black Stone.

Bonding Experience (03:37)

Feiler and his Mecca stand-in Anisa Mehdi, chat via Skype about the Boston pilgrims' experience. Listen to the story of Hagar.

Street Fairs (03:25)

Imam Johari Abdul Malik describes the modernization of Mecca and the danger in worshiping the Kaaba. The Boston pilgrims respond to the experience and walk through the city.

Cleansing (04:05)

Listen to a description of the journey taken to Mina and then to Arafat. Anisa Mehdi describes the physical challenges to the Boston pilgrims who have barely slept on their journey.

Most Important Journey (03:53)

In Hajj, all pilgrims journey to Arafat on the same day. Imam Johari Abdul Malik describes the journey and location. Feiler describes Muhammad's farewell sermon.

Enter the Story (04:24)

Feiler describes Abraham's showdown with Satan. In the same way that Abraham threw stones at Satan, those on the pilgrimage gather stones to throw at their own temptations.

Return to Mina (02:30)

Pilgrims throw their gathered stones at 3 massive stone pillars. Feiler discusses the evolution of the pillars.

Group Therapy (02:51)

Pilgrims return to the pillars. Imam Johari Abdul Malik explains that the repetition in Hajj help people to develop habits when they return home.

Hope For Humanity (04:14)

Anisa Mehdi explains what she believes is taken home from the Hajj. The Boston pilgrims discuss their experience.

Credits: Hajj (00:28)

Credits: Hajj

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In this landmark series, New York Times best-selling author Bruce Feiler travels with American pilgrims on six historic routes to Lourdes, Japan, Jerusalem, Mecca, India, and Nigeria—changing how we view our own spiritual journeys. Sacred journeys are as old as humanity, yet they are more popular today than ever before. Every Muslim is called to make the Hajj at least once in a lifetime, and this video gives a rare, intimate look at the experience. Follow a group of Boston pilgrims as they take their first journey, and gain a better understanding of the faith shared by 1/4 of the world's population. Distributed by PBS Distribution.

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