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A Woman Called Moses: Broadas Plantation, 1839 (05:51)


Harriet Tubman recalls her past while traveling in a segregated train. Harriet tries to stop a slave owner from taking her sister. Jim tells Harriet that he is going to escape; they find Shadrack spying on them.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Head Injury (03:48)

Harriet gets injured when Jim tries to make his escape. Master Ed fires McCracken and checks on Harriet; he argues with Juba.

A Woman Called Moses: Sold as a Breeder? (03:27)

Edward and Susan Broadas discuss selling Harriet. Harriet prays for Master Ed's death.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Prayers are Answered (05:18)

Master Ed collapses and Mammy Portia runs for Doc Thompson. Edward asks for Juba; she takes her time arriving and Edward dies. Harriet asks God to forgive her for wishing Edward dead.

A Woman Called Moses: Broadas Plantation, 1848 (05:20)

Harriet and her father Ben talk about Miss Susan and Doc Thompson. At night, patrollers arrive scare the slaves. Harriet's brother Robert wants their father to obtain Doc's permission to marry Elvina; Harriet wants permission to be hired out to Mr. Stewart.

A Woman Called Moses: Stewart Plantation (04:22)

Doc Thompson grants permission for Harriet to go to Stewart's place. Shadrack hassles Harriet on her way to Mr. Stewarts; patrollers arrive and Shadrack runs away. Mr. Stewart explains the rules to Harriet.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Plot of Land (03:39)

Harriet befriends Molly who will help her find a job washing clothes in Bucktown. Mr. Stewart grants permission for Harriet to move into an empty cabin and work the land around it.

A Woman Called Moses: John Tubman (02:55)

Molly tells Harriet that John Tubman is a sweet talker. John arrives at Harriet's cabin while she is working the land. Despite Harriet's rebuff, John vows they will be friends.

A Woman Called Moses: John's Offer (06:16)

Harriet witnesses a funeral procession while delivering laundry to Miss Rodham; she learns it was for John's sister. John arrives at Harriet's cabin; he offers to help her harvest her crop.

A Woman Called Moses: John and Harriet Grow Closer (03:34)

Harriet almost has enough money to buy her freedom. She and John talk about their fathers. Harriet cautions John to be careful on his way home.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Finances (04:57)

Harriet and John sell the harvest for $28; Harriet faints and John takes care of her. Harriet plans to offer Doc Thompson $200 dollars for her freedom.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet in the Role of a Mule (07:57)

Harriet dresses in her Sunday best and prepares for church. Stewart arrives and orders Harriet to pull a wagon load of goods in front of his guests.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet Tries to Buy Her Freedom (02:23)

Harriet hurries to Broadas plantation and offers Doc Thompson $200; he refuses to take her money. Harriet runs to her cabin and tears crops out of the ground; John arrives to comfort her.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Wedding (02:48)

John and Harriet jump the broom and celebrate their marriage. Miss Susan listens to the celebration from the plantation house.

A Woman Called Moses: Married to a Freeman (06:54)

Harriet and John's marriage is happy for a year; John becomes moody and stays away for days at a time. John and Harriet argue before he leaves on another trip. John returns after a two month absence; he was unable to find work because his freeman's papers ran out.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Freedom Money (03:58)

John renews his freeman's papers with Harriet's money. Harriet learns that young Master Edward died and Doc Thompson is selling the slaves. Harriet learns John took her money.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet Decides to Flee (04:40)

Harriet runs to her parent's cabin and finds it empty; Aunt Juba is dead. Harriet tells her brother Benjamin that she is running away. Miss Rodham tells Harriet how to reach Philadelphia using the Underground Railroad.

A Woman Called Moses: Following the River North (04:41)

Harriet safely travels the river with the boatman before continuing her journey alone. She faints near the river's edge and wakes to find men on horseback. She evades detection and continues on.

A Woman Called Moses: Traveling the Underground Railroad (04:31)

Harriet learns her picture is on wanted posters. A freeman helps her travel by cart to Wilmington.

A Woman Called Moses: Wilmington, DE (05:07)

Harriet arrives at Thomas Garrett's home after traveling a week on the Underground Railroad. She tells Garrett about her spiritual voices and determination for freedom. Garret tells Harriet how to get to Philadelphia and the Lombard St. Church.

A Woman Called Moses: Philadelphia, One Year Later (03:03)

Harriet and William Still help runaway slaves. They find a woman and her husband in a pew at the back of the church; the man is dead. Harriet wants to bring her family to Philadelphia.

Credits: A Woman Called Moses: The life of Harriet Tubman (01:21)

Credits: A Woman Called Moses: The life of Harriet Tubman

A Woman Called Moses: Thompson Plantation (06:15)

Harriet returns to the plantation and asks John about her family. When she tries to enter the cabin, she finds another woman. Harriet runs to the river and cries out to God. She promises to lead her people out of bondage.

A Woman Called Moses: Fighting for Freedom (07:05)

Harriet leads groups of runaway slaves to freedom in Philadelphia. Newspapers proclaim her a slave stealer. Harriet leads a meeting against the Fugitive Slave Act; she confronts an angry white man in the audience.

A Woman Called Moses: Southern Planters Association (03:10)

Plantation owners want Andrew Coleman to locate and kill Harriet. He refuses until they offer him $30,000.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet Wants to Rescue Her Family (03:37)

Still explains a new route of the Underground Railroad to group members. Harriet learns her parents are back at the Thompson plantation and wants to return. Still tries to discourage her and warns her about Coleman; Harriet is adamant about rescuing her family.

A Woman Called Moses: Trap for Harriet (05:52)

Coleman and his men wait for Harriet at the Thompson plantation; they hear she is in Cambridge and go after her. Harriet locates her brothers and Elvina, and tries to convince her parents to meet her in the woods.

A Woman Called Moses: Flight to Freedom (04:22)

Harriet leads her family and other runaway slaves toward the North. Coleman vows to capture her when she returns. Harriet leaves the runaways to board a train bound for Rochester, NY where she plans to rejoin them.

A Woman Called Moses: Auburn, NY One Year Later (02:57)

Harriet and her parents bought a home after obtaining freeman's papers. Harriet feels compelled to return to the South and help more runaway slaves. Coleman learns that Harriet has returned.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet Returns to the South (03:48)

Harriet gathers slaves at the Hewlett plantation; Coleman hurries to catch her. Hewlett wants Coleman to return Josiah Bailey.

A Woman Called Moses: Christmas Eve Flight (02:55)

Harriet allows Shadrack to join the group of runaways. Coleman and his men hurry to the Nanticoke River.

A Woman Called Moses: Jenkins Safe House (06:32)

Coleman and Charley learn they were following the wrong trail and quickly change direction. Harriet leads the group to the Jenkins' farm. Coleman and his men soon arrive.

A Woman Called Moses: On the Run (03:35)

Harriet and her group hide in the basement of the Jenkins' farm and share their stories. Coleman and his men spy on the farm.

A Woman Called Moses: Harriet's Hiding Place Discovered (05:41)

Mrs. Jenkins tells Harriet men are watching the farm. Shadrack draws attention to their hiding place and Coleman's men set the barn on fire. Harriet and the group escape through a tunnel.

A Woman Called Moses: Long Journey (04:33)

Harriet stops a fight between Josiah and Shadrack. Shadrack believes Harriet is lost and vows to "set the journey straight." The group starts a night fire and Harriet is forced to push them onward.

A Woman Called Moses: Backtracking (03:35)

Shadrack confronts Harriet about their direction; she explains why she circled back. The group finds the body of Roy Jackson. Shadrack rebels against Harriet's authority and she threatens to shoot him.

A Woman Called Moses: Safely in the North (03:05)

Coleman plans to arrive in the North ahead of Harriet. Harriet leads the group to Mr. Mueller's farm; they celebrate their arrival in the North by dancing around Mr. Mueller.

A Woman Called Moses: Mounting Danger (05:03)

Mueller takes the runaways by wagon to Thomas Garrett's house. Garret explains the remainder of their journey and the danger they face; Josiah learns about the $50,000 reward.

A Woman Called Moses: Rochester, New York (05:06)

Harriet and the group board a train for New York; Joe refuses to talk. Coleman and his men plan to stop the group before they board the Canadian Special. Harriet meets Still before the final leg of the journey.

A Woman Called Moses: Waiting for the Train (03:59)

Harriet explains her history with Shadrack to Bernette. Coleman and Charley argue about catching Harriet.

A Woman Called Moses: Aboard the Canadian Special (05:57)

Coleman and his men confront the runaways aboard the train; Harriet points a gun at Coleman and he jumps off. Harriet asks Bernette to read a letter from Frederick Douglass.

A Woman Called Moses: Finding Freedom (05:56)

The Canadian Special nears St. Catherine's Canada. Josiah jumps of the train and stares at the bridge to Canada; the group crosses the bridge on foot. Hear final words about Harriet's contribution to the Underground Railroad, the Union Army, and humanity.

Credits: A Woman Called Moses: The life of Harriet Tubman (01:13)

Credits: A Woman Called Moses: The life of Harriet Tubman

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This program is a freely based scripted account of the life of Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave and participant of the Underground Railroad. Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Cicely Tyson portrays the African American abolitionist who returned to the South several times and led hundreds of slaves to freedom before the Civil War. Tubman has become an iconic symbol for the fight against oppression.

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