New! Arctic Drift 54 min.

Join scientists on the most ambitious Arctic research expedition ever. Facing hungry polar bears, perilous sea ice cracks, and brutal cold, the team strives to understand the forces that are changing the region--and the world--forever.

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Borneo: Islands of Wonder 58 min.

A journey from Borneo’s rich coral reefs, through lush jungles to its mountainous heart, reveals it is no paradise, and the struggles for survival are the secret to a greater variety of life than found on almost any other island, from orangutans to sun bears and flying snakes.

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Hawaii: Islands of Wonder 58 min.

Hawaii, the most remote island chain in the world, is a wondrous archipelago that has offered sanctuary for the life that has reached its tropical shores. From humpback whales to waterfall-climbing fish, carnivorous caterpillars and albatross, it’s home to an extraordinary wealth of wildlife.

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Islands of Wonder 180 min.

Journey to three of the most exotic, mysterious and remote islands on Earth: Madagascar, Borneo and Hawaii. These isolated and iconic tropical islands harbor remarkable wildlife and human castaways found nowhere else on Earth. In a rapidly changing world, these fragile islands are a vital gauge for the health of our planet.

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Madagascar: Islands of Wonder 58 min.

Journey across ancient Madagascar, the strangest and oldest island on Earth, famed for its lemurs. Over millennia it has given rise to more unique wildlife than any other island.

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Civilizations 55 min.

Examine a new theory that puts water at the center of how humans first stood upright, investigate how the birth of civilizations are dictated by their relationship to great rivers, learn how today’s “virtual water” has hidden the consequences of excess water use, find out if we can guarantee our water supplies in the future, and more.

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Crisis 55 min.

What is it like to live in a world without access to water? Investigate global changes in giant storms and floods across America, the over-use of aquifers around the world, the “mining” of underground water for profit, New York City’s plan to use nature for water treatment, and how an appreciation for the value of water can profoundly affect our understanding of this precious resource.

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H2O: The Molecule That Made Us 165 min.

Earth is alive because of liquid water and the human story is intimately connected to our relationship with it. But the growth of our civilizations has created a dangerous dependence on a precious resource that may be about to run out.

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Pulse 55 min.

There’s an inseparable bond between water and life–a few raindrops can cause deserts to bloom, water travels through trees in the Amazon to create giant rivers in the air, and migrating animals follow water around the planet. But the world is changing; drought-chasing scientists examine what happens when the pulse falters, showing how the flow of water is driven by its relationship with life.

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Reinventing New York 44 min.

Manhattan is an overwhelming rush, and people from all over the world are flooding into the city to experience it. This monster of a city attracts tourists interested in sightseeing as well as workers interested to take advantage of the growing economy. With this enormous number of people rushing in, Midtown Manhattan has become one of the most densely populated areas in the world. This brings up...

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