Political Science

New! Our Towns 97 min.

Directed by Oscar®-nominated filmmakers Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan (HBO’s Emmy®-nominated Raising Renee) and based on a bestselling book by esteemed journalists James and Deborah Fallows, Our Towns looks at how small towns and cities respond to setbacks. Finding unexpected connections between personal stories, community actions, and the arc of history, the visually stunning feature documentar...

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New! The Long Breakup 86 min.

This program explores Ukraine’s struggle to escape Russia’s embrace, leave its Soviet past behind, and become a truly independent country. Ukrainian-American journalist, Katya Soldak, of Forbes Magazine, tells the story of her home country as it exits the USSR, works through two revolutions, and endures a war with Russia — all through the eyes of her family and friends in Kharkiv, a large Ukrainia...

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New! For the Last Four Years, America Got the Middle East Right 76 min.

President Joe Biden’s approach to the Middle East will likely be far different from that of former president Donald Trump. But should it be? For some, the Trump legacy was the right approach: a transactional style that resulted in a host of political and diplomatic victories, including normalizing relations between Israel and several Arab nations. It was also selectively aggressive when it came to...

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New! America's Socialist Experiment 56 min.

America's Socialist Experiment recounts both the victories and failures of a unique brand of socialism in the historically conservative city of Milwaukee, Wisc. Between 1910 and 1960, elected socialists in Milwaukee reduced corruption, improved conditions for working people, and cleaned up the environment, leaving a mixed legacy to which both Democrats and Republicans lay claim today.

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New! Whose Vote Counts 54 min.

Allegations of voter fraud and disenfranchisement in the lead-up to the 2020 election. With Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb investigates how the pandemic is being used to sway turnout.

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Latino Vote: Dispatches from the Battleground 56 min.

This film follows the efforts of community leaders working to ensure Latino voter turnout. How will these efforts impact the presidential election result, and will 2020 be a tipping point for the impact of the Latino vote?

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Coronavirus Will Reshape the World Order in China's Favor: A Debate 80 min.

How might the coronavirus pandemic reshape the world order? For some, the answer is clear: China is on the rise. While the United States embraces an "America First" position and abdicates its global leadership role, they argue, China is stepping in to fill the vacuum. By providing financial assistance to struggling nations, organizing world leaders, and trumpeting its own handling of the pandemic,...

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The Electoral College Has Outlived Its Usefulness: A Debate 96 min.

Five U.S. presidents—including two in the last 20 years—have assumed office without winning the popular vote. The most recent example, President Trump's victory in 2016, renewed debate about the Electoral College's role in American politics. Supporters argue that the drafters of the U.S. Constitution wisely established the Electoral College to safeguard the nation from mob rule and ensure that vot...

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It's Time to Redistribute the Wealth: A Debate 49 min.

Economic inequality has become a matter of growing concern in the United States. As Americans face a reckoning on racial and social justice and work to combat the broad, uneven financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, should the U.S. government undertake major efforts to redistribute the nation's wealth from richer people and communities to poorer ones? Should the United States address growi...

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The Maximum Pressure Campaign Against Iran Is Working: A Debate 90 min.

The targeted killing of General Qassim Suleimani, one of Iran's most prominent military leaders, in January 2020 sent shockwaves around the world. The strike came more than a year after the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—the multilateral agreement often known as the Iran Nuclear Deal—and launched a series of punishing economic sanctions that drastic...

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