Sapiens: The New Origins 90 min.

In remote Morocco, in 1960, in the archeological site of Jebel Irhoud, a remarkable find was made: remains of Homo Sapiens. Today we can date them back to 300.000 years old. A discovery that rewrites the story of Mankind’s origins, because up until now, the oldest remains found went back to 200.000 years ago! A revelation that not only stretches the timeline of Homo Sapiens’ story, but also cha...

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Sapiens: The New Origins - Part 2 45 min.

In the same way that it opened a breach in time, the discovery in Irhoud also opened one in space. We must consider the African continent of 300,000 years ago as a vast “global” territory, without the barrier represented by the Sahara. Thanks to the work of researchers in paleoclimatology, we discover times when the Sahara was “green” – in a continent that in reality is as large as the United Sta...

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Vanuatu, an Odyssey at the End of the World 53 min.

Hernin and Marcellin Abong are two Vanuatu twin brothers with very different backgrounds: one has become the “Very Great Chief” of his tribe, while the other is an ethno-archaeologist. Their culture is slowly but surely disappearing forever. To keep a record of it, they both delve into the most remote parts of Vanuatu in search of the customs and rites of their people. On foot and by canoe, thei...

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We're Still Here 57 min.

First Nation indigenous hip hop artists in Canada lead efforts to right long-standing social injustices, heal personal traumas, and preserve their cultures through the power of music. The film examines the important role that hip hop plays in transforming the lives of the musicians, their audiences, and communities. Weaving together interviews, live performances, and street demonstrations, it give...

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Polar Extremes 113 min.

Renowned paleontologist Kirk Johnson takes us on an epic adventure through time at the polar extremes of our planet. Following a trail of fossils found in all the wrong places-beech trees in Antarctica, redwoods and hippo-like mammals in the Arctic-NOVA uncovers the bizarre history of the poles, from miles-thick ice sheets to warm polar forests teeming with life.

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Sapiens: The New Origins - Part 1 46 min.

In June 2017, a double publication in the distinguished journal “Nature” rocked the scientific world. The dating of the remains of five individuals found in Morocco, at about 315,000 years, pushes back the age of our species by 100,000 years. Advances in virtual paleontology have revealed new information about these remains, including a first skull found as early as 1960, but misinterpreted at th...

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Amazonia: Becoming a Man 27 min.

In the heart of the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, the Sateré-Mawé people have a rite of passage to adulthood where a show of bravery turns boys into men

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Bolivia: Fighting for the Pachamama 26 min.

Every May, thousands of Quechuas, farming people of the high plateaus, converge on Macha for what is no doubt one of the most spectacular and violent rituals in America: Tinku.

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China: the Moso 53 min.

Among the Moso people in southwest China, women are the heads of households, the farm managers, they pass on their names and property to their daughters, they choose their lovers, and they do not marry. The very ideas of fatherhood and marriage are almost unknown, sexuality is free. The Moso say that “man is like the effect of rain on the grass, no matter who does it, what counts is that the grass...

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Ethiopia: Baptism in the Sky 27 min.

In the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Orthodox Christians confront their fears and baptize their children in churches perched high in the sky. At 800 meters, the troglodyte church of Abuna Yemata Guh is possibly the most inaccessible church on the planet. Every day in this extraordinary place, men and women risk their lives to edge along the narrow crest to place their dead in the cavities in the roc...

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