New! The English-Romanian Adoptees Project: Re-Thinking the Relationship Between Deprivation and Development 12 min.

The English-Romanian Adoptees Project was the first study to follow a cohort of children who had suffered periods of institutional deprivation through into adult life. To their surprise, researchers found that problems experienced by many of the Romanian adoptees were neurodevelopmental, suggesting that deprivation had affected brain development. The film, with guidance from lead researcher Profes...

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New! Making Friends with Research Methods 11 min.

Understanding research methods isn’t easy for many students and a lot of them also find it boring. This film uses different techniques to make research methods more interesting, accessible and easier to understand. It looks at three key questions: Why do students have to study research methods? What are research methods? And how are they evaluated?

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New! A Science of Falling in Love? 9 min.

Why do we fall in love? What makes us fall in love? And what happens to love? Poets, historians, philosophers, have been writing about these questions for centuries. Now scientists have joined in, exploring the brain in love. In this film, we follow a young couple falling in love, and talk to experts, to illustrate and explain the addiction, the obsession, and blindness of falling in love.

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Of Mice and Monkeys: Animal Research in Psychology 9 min.

Psychological research is governed by a strict code of ethics covering things like obtaining participants’ consent; protecting them from possible harm and allowing them to withdraw from the research. But there are some “participants” who can’t give consent, may be harmed and are unable to withdraw from the research. Using research examples, this film looks at the use of non-human animals in resear...

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The Characteristics of Effective Learning: An Overview 11 min.

This program offers an overview of the characteristcs of effective learning, looking at playing and exploring, active learning, and thinking creatively and critically. It shows how newborns are natural learners as they develop and learn with all their senses. It shows older children who begin to plan their approaches to problem-solving and are increasingly able to monitor their efforts, to alter t...

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The University 56 min.

Narratives thread together in The University a film following the aftermath of a sexual assault on a college campus. Told through the stories recounted to a Title IX tribunal, The University asks what justice might look like for survivors.

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The Cannabis Question 54 min.

As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA investigates the latest scientific evidence for its potential benefits and risks, and how criminalization has disproportionately harmed communities of color.

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Legalize Psychedelics 53 min.

In 2019, voters in Denver, Colorado, approved a referendum to decriminalize psilocybin, a psychedelic drug that affects perception and cognition. Voters in Oregon and Washington, D.C., followed suit a year later. Proponents of legalizing psychedelics argue that they can be used to treat a broad range of mental and emotional issues, as well as to discover a more profound sense of ourselves. Psyched...

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Fake Famous 87 min.

Followers, likes, comments – these are the currencies of fame today. But can the 140 million Instagram users boasting over 100,000 followers all be considered famous? To answer this question, former reporter for the New York Times and Vanity Fair Nick Bilton and a team of social media experts, casting agents, and stylists recruit three starry-eyed Los Angeles transplants to participate in a social...

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Active Learning 23 min.

This program consists of five short videos that look at active learning in children and how it is all about motivation and the will to learn from experiences. It considers how active learning links with children's self-regulation; looks at children's desire to be in control and how being deeply involved is one of the key features of learning to learn in an active way; and examines why the joy expe...

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