Criminal Justice & Law

New! Understanding the Opioid Epidemic 56 min.

This program traces the causes behind the unprecedented growth in the use of prescription opioids and the devastating impact these drugs are having in virtually every part of America. It captures the story of the opioid crisis through personal stories and interviews with experts and reveals the tragic impact of the overuse of prescription painkillers on individuals, families, and communities.

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Ethics and Compliance: Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos 4 min.

Various legal and forensic specialists examine the behaviors and accountabilities that must be demonstrated by expert witnesses.

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Social Theory and Crime 21 min.

For many criminologists, you can't explain crime just by looking at the characteristics offenders, you also have to consider the role social, cultural & environmental influences. This film brilliantly captures the essence of three of the major social theories of crime and looks at their continuing relevance to the study and control of crime in contemporary societies. Strain Theory and the American...

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Traffic Stop 31 min.

From the two-time Peabody Award-winning team of director Kate Davis and producer David Heilbroner (The Newburgh Sting, Stonewall Uprising), this haunting and compelling Academy Award®-nominated, 30-minute, documentary short tells the story of Breaion King, a 26-year-old African-American school teacher from Austin, Texas, who was stopped in 2015 for a routine traffic violation—an encounter that esc...

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Truth and Lies: Waco 82 min.

ABC presents a documentary on the deadly 1993 Waco, Texas siege that ignited national outrage. This video features interviews with FBI and ATF agents, survivors of the fire, and children of David Koresh's followers. The raid on the Branch Davidian compound led to a gunfight killing four ATF agents and six of David Koresh’s followers. After a 51-day standoff, the compound burned to the ground, leav...

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Acid, Spies, & Secret Experiments 85 min.

The roots of America's War on Drugs reveals secret assassination attempts, the CIA's bizarre experiments with LSD and support of heroin traffickers, LSD parachuting from the sky, and how it led to a five decade war.

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America's War on Drugs 340 min.

"America's War on Drugs" is an immersive trip through the last five decades of American drug policy and the unintended consequences for a global power-grab of the narcotics black market.

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Cocaine, Cartels, & Crack Downs 86 min.

Cocaine lands in America from secret airports, lining the pockets of violent cartel bosses, and an infamous "black widow,, as the CIA's shadow wars have unintended consequences. President Ronald Reagan cracks down as crack invades the USA.

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Gangs, Prisons, & Meth Queens 86 min.

American cities are exploding with drug violence as the Clinton administration opens the door for Mexican cartels and ramps up prison sentences. An unlikely meth queen rises, while a crime lord takes vengeance.

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Heroin, Terrorists, & Kings of Pain 86 min.

After 9/11, heroin lords and terrorists forge an unholy alliance. Afghanistan is a Narco state. El Chapo goes on the run. Big Pharma becomes the new big drug lord as Americans get addicted and ponder if the war on drugs is worth it.

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