Sex Ed Programs in Schools 54 min.

Sex ed programs in schools are informed by past failures. Busting a crime myth. AIDS hot spots. The legacy of Napster. Andy Borowitz examines Anita Bryant’s unintended influence.

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Ken Burns Presents: College Behind Bars - A Film by Lynn Novick 220 min.

This four-part series tells the story of a small group of incarcerated men and women struggling to earn college degrees and turn their lives around in one of the most rigorous and effective prison education programs in the United States - the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI). Shot over four years in maximum and medium security prisons in New York State, the programs take viewers on a stark and intimat...

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Part Four: Home Is A Work In Progress 56 min.

The debate team faces Harvard. Seniors complete their 100-paged thesis projects. Giovannie is sent to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) and might not finish his project. Students at Taconic and Eastern receive their degrees at graduation.

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Part One: Nobody Ever Taught Me Any Of That 56 min.

Incarcerated men and women at Eastern and Taconic Correctional facilities are admitted to the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI). When classes begin, they discover they must meet the same high standards as students on Bard College main campus.

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Part Three: Every Single Word Matters 56 min.

The debate team faces West Point. Seniors embark on their thesis projects. Rodney and Dyjuan’s families visit, while Tamara receives terrible news from home. Shawta reckons with her path to prison and Jule struggles to find work in NYC.

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Part Two: I’m Trying To Get Home To My Family, Too 55 min.

Students address the difficult circumstances of their past. The debate team prepares to face the University of Vermont. Some make strides academically, as others are sent to the Special Housing Unit, SHU, jeopardizing their education.

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Preschool Should Be Subsidized: A Debate Featuring IBM Project Debater 47 min.

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates has featured several debates on artificial intelligence (AI)—the risks, the rewards, and whether it can change the world. But this debate is unique: This time one of the debaters is AI itself—a machine. In partnership with IBM, Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates hosts a debate between a world-class human debate champion and an AI system. IBM Project Debater is the...

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Song of Parkland 29 min.

When Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School drama teacher Melody Herzfeld heard the fire alarm on February 14, 2018, she was with her students in rehearsals for their annual children’s musical. Moments later, a Code Red sounded. Herzfeld rushed her 65 students into a storage closet while a shooter killed 17 teachers and students nearby. Filmed in the months following the shootings, while theFlorida...

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Student Athlete 89 min.

An HBO Sports documentary produced in collaboration with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Steve Stoute, Student Athlete examines the complex rules of amateur athletics, and how they affect uncompensated athletes and their families. Each year, student athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies, yet a vast majority earn nothing for themselves and leave school with...

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Beyond Innovation: Episode 6 24 min.

An autonomous car finds its way around, video advertising that’s cheap and effective and an AI prices the cost of hacks. Plus, Michael and Anthony speak with a startup that wants to pay students for getting good grades. Hosted by venture capitalist Anthony Lacavera and technology journalist Michael Bancroft. Featured guests include: Stan Boland, CEO, FiveAI; Emily Forbes, Founder & CEO, Seenit; Da...

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