New! I Love You, Now Die 140 min.

Directed by Erin Lee Carr (At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, Mommy Dead and Dearest), I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter is a captivating two-part documentary about the recent texting suicide case that captured national interest, raising difficult questions about technology, mental health, and whether or not one teenager can be held responsible for the...

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New! I Love You, Now Die: The Defense 79 min.

In an attempt to prove that she was not solely responsible for boyfriend Conrad Roy’s suicide, Michelle Carter’s legal team begins their defense by focusing on Conrad’s relationship with his parents. They next call to the stand clinical psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin as an expert witness to speak to Michelle’s own mental-health issues and her prescribed medications that may have influenced her per...

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New! I Love You, Now Die: The Prosecution 62 min.

In 2012, teens Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy fell in love; even though they lived hours apart and met in person no more than five times, they exchanged thousands of texts over a two-year period. Then on July 13, 2014, 18-year-old Conrad was found dead in his car in a parking lot. What appeared to be a standard case of suicide by carbon- monoxide intoxication took a shocking turn when investigator...

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The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique 50 min.

Acting coach to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Ivan Chubbuck explains her 12 step acting technique as outlined in the best-selling book, The Power of the Actor.

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Constitutional Free Speech Principles Can Save Social Media Companies from Themselves: A Debate 77 min.

Americans have long prided themselves on their commitment to free speech, a principle enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But in recent years, hate speech and phony content have proliferated online, offending and misinforming millions of Americans. Some have argued that the world’s largest social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, should restrict access to extrem...

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Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind 117 min.

A love letter to a unique and irrepressible comic talent, who left us far too soon, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind takes viewers through the one-of-a-kind actor and comedian’s extraordinary life and career, revealing what drove him to give voice to the incredible characters he created in his mind. Told largely through Williams’ own voice, captured in interviews and audio recordings, and with...

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New! What Are Animals Saying? 54 min.

From singing whales and squeaking bats to thumping spiders and clicking dolphins, the world is filled with the exotic sounds of our fellow creatures. What are they saying? Can we decode their communications? NOVA Wonders follows researchers around the globe who are deciphering an amazing array of clues that reveal how animals share information critical to their survival.

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Film in the Middle East 24 min.

For the first time ever, four Middle Eastern movies will compete for the prestigious Palme d'Or Award. Witness the rising profile of the Arab Film Industry at Cannes Film Festival.

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Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Soul: A Debate 65 min.

Silicon Valley once promised to solve many of the world’s problems with a technological revolution. But now, the tech hub is the center of much scrutiny, and for many, that scrutiny is warranted. From privacy violations to flawed business models to a lack of diversity and representation, Silicon Valley has seemingly betrayed its idealism and commitment to openness and progress. And though tech gia...

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David Lean 47 min.

Sir David Lean, the two-time Academy Award-winning British director, is best known for his extraordinary cinematic epics The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965), and Passage to India (1984). Lean co-directed with Noel Cowrad on In Which We Serve (1942); he also directed adaptations of Charles Dickens' novels Great Expectations (1946) and Oliver Twist (...

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