3-D Wall of Virtual Reality 5 min.

VR has come a long way in the past decade and developers are constantly working on new ways to enhance VR user experiences. Gone are heavy headsets and chunky sluggish graphics – now, step inside a fully immersive VR chamber that has about 100 times the resolution of traditional virtual reality.

Formats: DVD Copyright Date: 2017

Bicycles: Inside the Factory 60 min.

In the fourth episode of Inside the Factory Gregg joins a multi-stage manual production line to make his very own bike. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey gets some tips from Cycling Team GB to help us all improve our pedal power. Cherry also investigates why cyclists and trucks are such a deadly combination: in London alone there have been 66 fatalities since 2011 and half of them were collisions with a tr...

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Invasion of the Drones 47 min.

They fly in swarms, deliver packages and can be as small as insects. Drones are much more than the weapons used by the US Army against terrorists. We see them fly more often and they pop up everywhere in our lives. In the USA, over one million drones were found as toys underneath the Christmas trees. Drones are not only getting smarter, they are also getting cheaper every day. So what happens when...

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Ammonia Storage to Reduce NOx—European Inventor Award 2016 9 min.

The team developed a way to safely store ammonia in solid form, thereby making it possible for drivers to use the volatile chemical in diesel vehicles to reduce NOx pollution or as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Integrated in a complete system, the cartridges of AdAmmine release ammonia to be mixed with diesel exhaust gases such that the NOx is reduced to harmless water v...

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Biomechatronic Leg Joints—European Inventor Award 2016 9 min.

The invention pioneered by U.S. biophysicist and rock climber Hugh Herr is an intelligent knee prosthesis system marketed as the Rheo Knee. A ground-breaking invention in the field of prosthetics, the Rheo Knee allows wearers to walk with a natural gait by using a microprocessor that automatically adapts the prosthesis to the stance and walking speed. The Rheo Knee takes prosthetic design into the...

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Diagnostic Kits for Developing Countries—European Inventor Award 2016 8 min.

Helen Lee and her team at the Diagnostics Development Unit at University of Cambridge created the fundamental principle behind simple, rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests for a range of different infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, chlamydia, gonorrhoea or influenza. The rapid results of the test also solve the problem of patients being “lost to follow-up” – by showing up for tests, le...

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Electronic Stability Control for Cars—European Inventor Award 2016 6 min.

Anton van Zanten has dedicated a lifetime of invention to the improvement of automotive safety technology, most notably in the field of vehicle collision prevention. His milestone contributions include the widely marketed Electronic Stability Control system (ESC) – also known as ESP (Electronic Stability Program) – an electronic guidance technology that helps to avoid skidding under loss of surfac...

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Faster Wireless Connectivity—European Inventor Award 2016 7 min.

Paulraj is the principal inventor behind MIMO (multiple input multiple output), a wireless networking technology that is fundamental to the increases in connectivity speed to which many people around the world have grown accustomed to. Current 4G LTE networks and latest WiFi for instance, wouldn’t be possible without this breakthrough invention. He improved the spectral efficiency of wireless netw...

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Helping Newborn Babies Breathe—European Inventor Award 2016 8 min.

Curosurf is a clinical treatment for pre-term infants – born before 37 weeks of gestational age – suffering from infant respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), a life-threatening condition of the lungs. Curosurf was developed by Tore Curstedt and Bengt Robertson. Curstedt’s solution relies on a phospholipid extract of natural porcine lungs with the chemical name poractant alfa. Administered through a...

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Implantable Artificial Heart —European Inventor Award 2016 10 min.

The CARMAT heart is the world’s first fully implantable, self-regulating artificial heart. It was created by renowned French cardiologist Alain Carpentier who spent nearly two-and-a-half decades developing a mechanical pump that accurately replicates the contractions of a human heart. Unlike similar devices that simply maintain an unchanging rhythmic pulse, Carpentier’s device adjusts the volume o...

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