Visual & Performing Arts

Actors On: Macbeth 67 min.

This program helps students explore dramatic literature through the actor's creative process. Professional performers, directors, producers, and scholars examine the play by working on scenes and monologues, and participating in interviews and discussions about the script and its history. Join us as we pull back the curtain on what it takes to understand the text, discover the characters, and prep...

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Hollywood and the Yellow Threat 55 min.

The United States entered WWII. More than 110,000 citizens of Japanese origin were rounded up and dispatched to camps until the end of the war. Hollywood was quick to react with films from OBJECTIVE BURMA to THE BRIDGE ON RIVER KWAI and THE STORY OF GI JOE to KNOW YOUR ENEMY: JAPAN. Already in 1941 Warner, who was manipulating public opinion in favor of entering the war, had released DIVE BOMBER w...

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The Apollo 102 min.

THE APOLLO, directed by Oscar® and Emmy® winner Roger Ross Williams, chronicles the legacy of New York City’s landmark Apollo Theater, covering the rich history of the storied performance space over its 85 years. What began as a refuge for marginalized artists emerged as a hallowed hall of black excellence and empowerment. In the film, Williams reflects on the struggle of black lives in America, t...

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Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and the Rise of Broadcast News 85 min.

If you watch a news video today, listen to a newscast, or download a podcast, then you are benefiting from the work of Lowell Thomas. As Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, the Dalai Lama, and many others explain in this lively film about a dynamo of a man, Thomas pioneered what is now often celebrated or disparaged as “traditional journalism.”Beginning in 1930, Thomas hosted his first nightly national news p...

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Discovering Horror on Film 69 min.

In this program, Ian Nathan, author of “Stephen King at the Movies”; Neil Norman, film critic and writer; Stephen Armstrong, writer and film critic of The Sunday Times; and Bonnie Greer, writer and critic, discuss and review their top 20 horror films of the last 100 years. Films discussed include Nosferatu, Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, The Exorcist, The Omen, Carrie, and more.

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Sidney Lumet 45 min.

Sidney Lumet was an American director, producer, and screenwriter. He was nominated for the Academy Award four times, including for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976), which earned Peter Finch a posthumous Best Actor Oscar, and The Verdict (1982) starring Paul Newman. Known as the “actor's director” his films always featured powerful storytelling and social realism.

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The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique 50 min.

Acting coach to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Ivan Chubbuck explains her 12 step acting technique as outlined in the best-selling book, The Power of the Actor.

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Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind 117 min.

A love letter to a unique and irrepressible comic talent, who left us far too soon, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind takes viewers through the one-of-a-kind actor and comedian’s extraordinary life and career, revealing what drove him to give voice to the incredible characters he created in his mind. Told largely through Williams’ own voice, captured in interviews and audio recordings, and with...

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CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion 97 min.

CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion is an award-winning and star-studded documentary that takes a thought-provoking and often humorous look at the evolution of disability portrayals in entertainment. From the early days of silent films to present-day, this insightful film goes behind the scenes to interview filmmakers, studio executives, historians, and celebrities as it utilizes vivid clips from H...

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American Tap 90 min.

The history of tap is an ever-evolving panorama of inclusion, adversity, and reinvention. This in-depth documentary is an absorbing narrative about a quintessentially American dance form—from its origins, to the historic and cultural events that shaped it, to its present day rebirth as a vibrant art form. Featuring archival footage of classic tap stars, highlights of the new generation of emerging...

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