Computer Science and Information Technology

The Joy of AI 60 min.

Professor Jim al-Khalili takes a sharp-witted and optimistic look at machines that can simulate, augment, and even outperform the human mind – and why we should not let this spook us. He tells the story of the pursuit of AI, the emergence of machine learning, and the recent breakthroughs brought about by artificial neural networks. See how spam filters use AI to weed out v!agr@ as well as Viagra f...

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Humans Gods & Technology 45 min.

What will our world look like in 25 years’ time? No one knows for sure. By that time our work may have been entirely taken over by autonomic robots. Our world controlled by a single global brain as we are left to be slaves to the technology we were responsible for creating. But there is a chance that things will not develop that quickly and instead, we will make the robots our slaves. Will we beco...

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My Robot, My Friend 23 min.

In Japan, robots are being developed to become man’s best friend. These robots are called personal companion robots. They are not designed to do our chores, but to communicate with us in an intelligent way.

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3-D Wall of Virtual Reality 5 min.

VR has come a long way in the past decade and developers are constantly working on new ways to enhance VR user experiences. Gone are heavy headsets and chunky sluggish graphics – now, step inside a fully immersive VR chamber that has about 100 times the resolution of traditional virtual reality.

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Data Transfer Agreements: What You Need to Know 27 min.

Businesses are increasingly balancing the market's demand for organizational efficiency and productivity with a variety of national and international data transfer statutes involving personally identifiable information. In this report, Gardere's Peter Vogel reveals how the new Privacy Shield program is providing an accessible cross-border data transfer framework between the European Union and the...

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity “Best Practices” 32 min.

Many organizations today still struggle with their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) preparation. After watching this report, viewers will be armed with fresh insights and be better prepared to face their next IT crisis or disaster whenever that should occur. This program features expert, Dave Lockhart. He is a senior consultant for the TayganPoint Consulting Group. TayganPoint, bas...

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Incident Response Plans: Advice and Best Practices 34 min.

CIOs, IT, and business leaders must be proactive in their planning and always ready to respond when it comes to cyber threats and attacks. Security experts agree that attacks are no longer a matter of “if” but are now clearly a matter of “when” for organizations today. A critical element in the IT and business arsenal to help organizations deal effectively with cyber-attacks is the enterprise Inci...

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Agile Application Lifecycle Management:Using DevOps to Drive Process Improvement 31 min.

Software development teams today have a mandate to be agile, flexible and cost efficient as they strive to meet the rising demand for increasingly complex business applications, rich in new features and functionality. In this report, expert Bob Aiello, an author, consultant and software engineer takes a close look at Agile Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps. You will learn why and how the...

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Agile Development 28 min.

Agile has an enormous number of fans in the development community. It has, in fact, usurped most, if not all, of the traditional development methods. That being said Agile is not a cure-all, nor a magic bullet. Therefore, in this report, we’ll offer advice and best practices to help viewers avoid the pitfalls and maximize the chance for success, with vital Agile development projects. This program...

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Cloud-Based Storage Services: A Case Study from ClearSky Data 31 min.

IT and business leaders are struggling to store, manage, and secure the vast amounts of data their organizations acquire every day. In this program, we’ll introduce viewers to a company that’s blazing a trail with a new and innovative approach to data storage and management. Ellen Rubin co-founder of managed service provider, ClearSky Data, will explain how her company can help organizations to re...

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