Physical Therapy

The Complex Shoulder: Evaluation and Intervention for Common Conditions — A Lecture 406 min.

This video seminar reviews common etiologies and teaches rapid intervention strategies for common shoulder pathologies. It looks at rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement syndrome, anterior glenohumeral instability, SLAP lesions, adhesive capsulitis, thoracic outlet compression syndrome, and shoulder arthoplasties.

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Fall Prevention: Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients — A Lecture 361 min.

Looking at the systems that contribute to balance, this video seminar examines intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors relating to falls and considers how to reduce those risk factors. It reviews such functional assessments for falls as the functional reach test, performance-oriented mobility, the Berg Balance Scale, and the dynamic gait index. It discusses consequences of a fall, balance, postural c...

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An Intensive Training Lab on Total Joint Replacement — A Lecture 368 min.

In this video seminar, Terry Rzepkowski, DPT, shares his expertise in orthopedics as a total joint rehabilitation specialist, providing an advanced understanding of total joint replacement surgery. He shows and discusses actual joint replacement videos for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle. The video includes hands-on treatment sessions for the acute through the subacute phase of recovery,...

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Manual Therapy, Exercise and Taping Techniques for the Hands-On Management of Complex Knee Injuries — A Lecture 328 min.

This video seminar featuring doctor of physical therapy Ryan August teaches strategies for selecting the appropriate exercise at the appropriate stage of healing for a patient following an ACL reconstruction. It looks at evidence regarding stress placed on the ACL with specific exercises, healing times, and the implications of graft selection. Dr. August discusses recent biomechanical and pathophy...

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Therapeutic Strategies for Degenerative Joint Disease: Overcoming Pain and Improving Function — A Lecture 391 min.

In this video seminar, Shane Malecha teaches the concepts of Degenerative Joint Disease in a way that makes a confusing and often overwhelming topic fun, understandable, and applicable to the next patient interaction. The video offers case studies and mock patient presentations and reviews the assessment process, detailing the key steps of the pathology, evaluation techniques and concepts, specifi...

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Total Joint Rehabilitation: Matching Intervention to Knee and Hip Impairment — A Lecture 375 min.

This video seminar teaches how to evaluate real-time evidence to determine whether current interventions are contributing to the most successful outcomes for the client. It discusses how to select targeted exercises that will achieve cost effective, functional goal; shows how 3D gait and motion analysis can match a client’s needs for a truly customized program; considers the length of convalescenc...

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The Total Joint Replacement Patient: Supporting a Successful Journey — A Lecture 387 min.

This video seminar with Paul Levy examines joint replacement surgery, from pre-operative diagnosis to rehabilitation goal setting and discharge planning. It looks at diagnoses of osteoarthritis, bone cancers, recurrent infections, and acute injuries; discusses treatment options; and examines pre-operative testing and clearances. The video looks at surgical procedures for hip, knee, shoulder, and o...

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Wheelchair Seating and Mobility — A Lecture 330 min.

This video seminar teaches effective patient evaluation tips that will help to quickly match the patient with the correct device. It shows how to utilize the results of pressure mapping studies to recommend the proper seating for patients and reviews Medicare guidelines for justification and reimbursement. It discusses different types of wheelchairs, seat backs, seat cushions, and head and cervica...

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Structural Massage 266 min.

This program shows how to perform structural massage, which starts with an easy range of motion full body assessment, testing each joint’s motion in each direction. Once a restriction is discovered, this program shows how to increase joint range and decrease pain by applying four different techniques. This includes static pressure into the muscles that restrict motion, then passive joint motion wh...

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Gait and Balance: Quick, Effective, and Evidence-Based Therapeutic Solutions — A Lecture 331 min.

In this video seminar, gait and human movement expert, Shelly Denes teaches practical, evidence-based strategies to improve gait efficiency in seniors, decrease fall risk in ambulatory patients, design treatment plans for abnormal gait patterns in recovering hip and knee replacement patients, maximize gait and activity tolerance in recovering acute care patients, and improve gait quality in patien...

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