Physical Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Training to Maximize Rehab Outcomes for All Patients 117 min.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is the new game-changer in rehab and it can be programmed for all types of patients, from young post-op patients to geriatric patients, bedridden patients, or athletes trying to return to play. This video seminar with Michael Lau differentiates among the various forms of BFR, such as IPC, cellular swelling, aerobic BFR, isolated BFR, and compound BFR. Lau presents case...

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COVID-19: Addressing Social and Collective Trauma in Children, Adolescents and Their Families 91 min.

This video seminar unveils the concepts of social and collective trauma. Dr. Varleisha D. Gibbs addresses how children, adolescents, and their families are impacted by societal events such as pandemics, war, natural disasters, and violent events and teaches activities and concepts to address the impact of trauma. She presents unique approaches for maintaining routine, sensory-based strategies, res...

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Telehealth: The New Normal in the Age of Coronavirus 119 min.

Although telehealth services have been in existence for many years, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented but necessary shift in the administration of distance learning and related services for students and private clinic clients in order to ensure their safety. Explaining what telehealth is, this video seminar with telehealth consultant and pediatric occupational therapist Tracey Davis...

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What You CAN Do: Best Practices for Rehab Telehealth 111 min.

In this unprecedented time for healthcare, we are at the dawn of changing the way we think about and go about practicing the art of medicine. We will need to change strategies, create new ones, and more than ever before rely on soft skills and education to change the wellbeing of our patients. In this video seminar, physical therapist and orthopedic clinician Joseph Lavacca teaches today’s best pr...

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Chronic Pain Treatment 121 min.

This program presents six relaxing easy-to-follow modules to ease pain through use of the Feldenkrais method, as well as four verbally guided gentle and relaxing movement sequences. It places emphasis on awareness, effortless movement, and comfort. It also offers two guided meditations to assist viewers in letting go of the hidden beliefs and behavior patterns that may be interfering with healing....

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Easing Shoulder and Neck Discomfort With Feldenkrais 98 min.

This program consists of six lessons that guide viewers through gentle and relaxing movement sequences that incorporate the Feldenkrais method of somatic healing with some of the most effective techniques used by occupational and physical therapists.

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Feldenkrais Comfort for Life: Easing Back, Neck, and Arm Pain 89 min.

This program features two routines that verbally guide viewers through gentle movement sequences incorporating the Feldenkrais method of somatic healing. It places emphasis on awareness, effortless movement and comfort case.

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The Complex Shoulder: Evaluation and Intervention for Common Conditions — A Lecture 406 min.

This video seminar reviews common etiologies and teaches rapid intervention strategies for common shoulder pathologies. It looks at rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement syndrome, anterior glenohumeral instability, SLAP lesions, adhesive capsulitis, thoracic outlet compression syndrome, and shoulder arthoplasties.

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Fall Prevention: Assessment and Intervention Strategies to Care for High-Risk Fall Patients — A Lecture 361 min.

Looking at the systems that contribute to balance, this video seminar examines intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors relating to falls and considers how to reduce those risk factors. It reviews such functional assessments for falls as the functional reach test, performance-oriented mobility, the Berg Balance Scale, and the dynamic gait index. It discusses consequences of a fall, balance, postural c...

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An Intensive Training Lab on Total Joint Replacement — A Lecture 368 min.

In this video seminar, Terry Rzepkowski, DPT, shares his expertise in orthopedics as a total joint rehabilitation specialist, providing an advanced understanding of total joint replacement surgery. He shows and discusses actual joint replacement videos for the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle. The video includes hands-on treatment sessions for the acute through the subacute phase of recovery,...

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