World Cinema

Below Dreams 75 min.

Directed by Garrett Bradley, three friends question their ability to dream amidst a crumbling economic climate against the backdrop of New York and New Orleans. After a series of rejections, they resolve to reinvent themselves in hopes of successfully starting anew. Some World Cinema titles may contain mature themes or content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2014

Fanie Fourie's Lobola 97 min.

Directed by Henk Pretorius, this film is a South African romantic comedy about an Afrikaans guy and a Zulu girl who fall in love and have to navigate their way through the complicated process of lobola – the traditional Zulu bride price. Filled with humorous but hard-hitting social commentary, the film is a contemporary fairy tale about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society. Based on a...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2013

Myn Bala 108 min.

Directed by Akan Satayev, this historical epic is a universal story about the freedom of the human spirit and the struggle against slavery and despotism, about love, loss and betrayal. It is seen through the eyes of simple Kazakh kids and teenagers. This film was Kazakhstan's official entry to the 85th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2012

About 111 Girls 79 min.

Directed by Nahid Ghobadi and Bijan Zamanpira. A government official, carrying a message from Iran’s president, travels across Iranian Kurdistan with his driver and a young guide on a mission to stop 111 young Kurdish women from committing suicide in protest against conditions that have left them spinsters. Racing against the clock, they travel into territory simmering with resentment at official...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

Beijing Flickers 94 min.

Directed by Zhang Yuan. San Bao is a young man left behind by Beijing’s fabulous new wealth, having just lost his job, his apartment and the woman he loves (who’s left him for a richer man). Even Happiness, his dog, has run away from him. Lovelorn, self-destructive and desperately aimless, San Bao nevertheless has moments of euphoria amid his own despair, as he roams the sleek, shifting city with...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

The Fantastic World of Juan Orol 95 min.

Directed by Sebastián del Amo. Move over Ed Wood! Mexico’s half-forgotten B-movie master, “involuntary surrealist” Juan Orol, receives a pitch-perfect tribute in this irresistible love letter to a self-made man of showbiz, whose career spanned nearly sixty films. In a glorious black-and-white flashback mingling movie-tainted memories of his Galician childhood, forced exile to Cuba and arrival in M...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

Modest Reception 97 min.

Directed by Mani Haghighi. Leila and Kaveh are a mysterious pair from Tehran, traveling the mountainous countryside in their Lexus coupe to push big bags of money on the locals. This turns out to be not so easy, but fascinating to watch, as the cagey couple invent increasingly brazen stratagems to place cash in the hands of the wary, proud or indifferent. Will they push things too far? Are they lo...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

Shyamal Uncle Turns Off the Lights 65 min.

Directed by Suman Ghosh. An 80-year-old Kolkata retiree is on a mission to get his neighborhood streetlights turned off after sunrise after he notices they stay on all day as well. Shyamal Uncle finds his sense of propriety upset by this wasteful expense of electricity. But finding someone to take him seriously proves a battle against an indifferent bureaucracy and a complacent status quo (and is...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

Student 90 min.

Directed by Darezhan Omirbayev. A solitary philosophy student steers his directionless life toward the commission of a violent crime, spurred on by postmodern musings and a post-Soviet order characterized by growing inequality, institutional corruption and a ruthless ethic of “eat or be eaten.“ Inspired by Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, director Darezhan Omirbayev roots his nameless student in...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2012

Amnesty 79 min.

Directed by Bujar Alimani. A new national law allowing conjugal visits for inmates brings together a man and woman visiting the same prison to meet their incarcerated spouses. Elsa’s dutiful contact with her husband is part of a routine consumed with job searching, raising her two sons, and getting along with her father-in-law. When she meets Spetim, a quiet man visiting his imprisoned wife in equ...

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2011