Technical Education & Skilled Trades

Citrus Crisis 6 min.

Oranges have long been synonymous with Florida, as a key element of the state’s economy. But this year, Florida projects the worst citrus harvest since the Great Depression, threatening a way of life for many. In this NewsHour program, William Brangham reports on what’s driving the decline and who is affected.

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To Which We Belong 90 min.

Years of industrialized agriculture have been a major contributor to climate change. "To Which We Belong" follows a new generation of farmers and ranchers who seek to rebuild their businesses and their planet by embracing the interconnectedness of living things. On land long depleted by monocultured crops, Trey Hill fills the fields with colorful tangles of plant life, revivifying the soil and bri...

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Should the Agriculture Industry be More Regulated?—Bloomberg QuickTakes 4 min.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funnels billions to the agriculture industry with few strings attached. Former USDA economist Joseph Glauber argues that money could benefit the environment—if the government can get the subsidies right.

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Safety and the Conscious Mind 18 min.

This series focuses on how our level of awareness can impact our work and safety at work. Showing the dangers of "going through the motions", the series also offers helpful tips and strategies for increasing our awareness to behave more consciously and safely.

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Safety and the Conscious Mind: Part I 11 min.

Neuroscientists tell us that 95% of our actions are subconscious and just 5% are through our conscious thinking. This can be hazardous when it comes to safety in the workplace. This video based training program looks at the importance of engaging the conscious mind in every task we undertake, and will provide several strategies for doing just that. This program will also highlight why we should st...

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Safety and the Conscious Mind: Part II 9 min.

Many traditional hazard identifications and risk assessments in the past have been a tick and flick exercise. This training program suggests you “flick the tick and flick” and introduces 5 simple questions that should be asked before tackling any new task. The answers to which should generate effective communication and stimulate the conscious mind into action.

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Manual Handling Injury Prevention 15 min.

This training program not only focuses on the physiology of the musculoskeletal system and shows in detail how and why we can do damage to our spines but also goes through a step-by-step process of how to prevent manual handling injuries in the workplace. In this training program, workers will learn: • The physiology of the spine • What are the most prevalent manual handling injuries • How to p...

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Aluminum 80 min.

This program covers AC frequency, padding beads (aka "aluminum drill”), 11ga butt and tee, 1F 2F outside corners, 16ga 1G butt and corner joints, 11ga Laps, and 3G butt.

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Aluminum & Odd Jobs 116 min.

This program shows how to make an aluminum business card holder, as well as demonstrating aluminum parts, aluminum hurricane, aluminum awning, tool tote, walking the cup and other cup walk tips, silicon bronze and silicon bronze cube, and Thor deadblow hammer.

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Best of TIG 430 min.

This series covers everything from TIG brazing with silicon bronze, to 4130 chromoly tubing, "walking the cup," stainless steel welds, aluminum welds, and even titanium welds.

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