Guidance & Counseling

Fact or Fake: How to Spot Fake News 14 min.

Internet Know How tackles fake news: what it is and how to spot it. In this video you will learn how to search and compare news stories and identify credible sources. This program will also explain why it’s important to be aware of personal bias and the tricks that propagators of fake news use to get your attention.

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Information Literacy in the Digital Age 16 min.

We engage with technology every day. It’s vital to understand where information is coming from. Information Literacy in the Digital Age will show students how to complement their online knowledge with information literacy, critical reading and thinking skills. Students will also learn about the ethical and legal considerations such as plagiarism and copyright when researching a topic.

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Internet Know How 41 min.

What is fake news? How do I find reputable sources? What influences me to click on certain content rather than others? How do I apply information literacy skills in a digital community? Internet Know How answers these questions and more, as this series delves into multiple aspects of digital media and gives students a better understanding of how they can use the internet effectively and wisely.

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Read Beyond the Headlines 14 min.

Forged pictures, manipulated videos, and deepfakes litter the internet. These elements have become rampant in our digital age. Don’t be caught in this web of false content! By watching Read Beyond the Headlines, you’ll understand how to quickly know the difference between distorted and genuine information.

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Parenting Is Overrated 83 min.

What shapes us more: our DNA, or the way we are raised? This debate, commonly referred to as "nature versus nurture," has stirred controversy for thousands of years. Emerging genetic research indicates that the scale may be tipping toward biology, or "nature"—but the research is far from definitive. Proponents of the "nature" view argue that DNA plays the key role in determining who we are, as evi...

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Faith Leaders as First and Second Responders 24 min.

Cantor Michael Shochet is a Senior Clergy at Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, VA. Before he was ordained, he was a police officer in Baltimore where he experienced the trauma of having his partner shot in front of him. Today, in addition to serving his congregation, he also leads the Police Chaplain unit for Fairfax County, VA. He has been on call during such traumas as the Pentagon terror att...

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Healing the Healers 100 min.

This series aims to support clergy, laity, social workers, first responders, and other spiritual care providers facing community-level trauma. Accompanied by written reflections and discussion guides written by scholars, clergy, and other experts, it provides insights into dealing with trauma in the short and long term, learning from trauma, and mourning and grief.

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Heartbreak and Hope 20 Years After Tragedy 18 min.

Father Basil O’Sullivan is the parish priest in Dunblane, Scotland. In 1996, this was the site of a primary school shooting that killed sixteen children and one teacher. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in Great Britain thus far. Father O’Sullivan got in touch with the Sandy Hook community after the shooting. Here, he talks with Reverend Crebbin about his experience as a faith leader, Dunbla...

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Newtown Faith Leaders Unite in Tragedy 20 min.

Reverend Matthew Crebbin talks with fellow Newtown clergy, Rabbi Shaul Praver, and Reverend Mel Kawakami, about their experiences as faith leaders during and after the Sandy Hook School shooting. They talk about the steps they have taken toward healing, and how the trauma and its impact on their lives, faith, and work continues.

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Pastoring in a Community that Faces Continual Trauma 24 min.

Reverend Crebbin continues the conversation about chronic gun violence as he speaks with Pastor Samuel Saylor, Sr., Senior Pastor of Gardner Memorial AME Zion Church, and Pastor Henry Brown of Hope Street Ministries and Mothers Against Violence in Hartford, CT. Pastors Saylor and Brown both have personal connections to trauma that they discuss with Reverend Crebbin. In this program, they describe...

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