Segments in this Video

Jodo Gyan (01:15)


Co-founders Shaji and Usha Menon discuss the importance of problem solving and a child's transition to mathematics. (Credits)

Mehboob's Story (02:07)

Despite regular attendance, Mehboob did not meet minimum math competencies by grade five. Shaji discusses teaching styles.

Jodo Gyan Kendra (00:59)

This school reveals that children can learn and be competent in all subjects. Mehboob has been attending the school for two weeks.

Mehboob's Sister Sitara (00:58)

Sitara has been attending Jodo Gyan Kendra for a couple of years and has become a learner. She wants to be a teacher and a doctor.

Dreams (01:24)

Mehboob says he will stitch clothes like his father. Mehboob's teacher believes he has limited his dreams but hopes reading will encourage him.

How Children Learn (01:44)

Mehboob does not appear to have any learning disabilities. A teacher reflects on a teaching approach that leaves some children behind. Learning is a joint activity.

The Role of Teacher (01:04)

Teachers should take children to a level that they cannot reach alone. Designing lessons to how children learn is powerful.

Stories (01:07)

A teacher and her students create a problem-solving story together.

The Ganit Mala (02:08)

Jodo Gyan popularized the ganit mala, providing students with a tool to count, become familiar with numbers, and perform math problems.

Teaching-Learning Materials (00:60)

Shaji discusses the acceptance of teaching materials to make children understand what is written in a textbook. Activities allow children to learn.

Understanding Mehboob (01:07)

Mehboob cannot read and write numbers, but he has a number sense of 100 plus.

Place Value (01:04)

Shaji discusses the importance of understanding place value to perform operations.

Number Sense (03:02)

Shaji discusses connecting numbers to the real world. See students use the ganit mala to strengthen number sense.

Mehboob Makes Progress (01:48)

Mehboob has problems with number names, but has made considerable progress. His teacher believes continual attendance will allow Mehboob to reach standard levels.

The Goal of Education (00:41)

Education should help the new generation to become whole, confident community members.

"Like Stars on Earth" (02:43)

Mehboob and his classmates dance to the radio. If anything in India needs to change, it must be education.

Credits: Mehboob and the Garland of Math (00:46)

Credits: Mehboob and the Garland of Math

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After six years of elementary school, Mehboob still had not learned to read, write, or count. But when he is lucky enough to enroll at an unusual Delhi school, his life starts to change quickly. His new teachers and classmates at India’s Jodo Gyan Kendra discover that with a little encouragement and a different approach, Mehboob starts to flourish. In this documentary by Meril Rasmussen, viewers will explore what a child-centered, hands-on approach to math education can look like. Watch the amazing transformation through one child’s eyes. Portions with English subtitles. (25 minutes)

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