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Cultivating a Life Based on Strengths (02:44)


Experts find that altruism is most likely to occur when the benefactors are similar to us. Dr. Curl discusses the relationship between happiness and helping, and downward comparison.

Collaborative Programs (02:51)

Consider several questions while watching this segment. Individuals from the Cunningham Foundation and the Denver Axiom Sister City Projects discuss saving lives and providing clean water in Ethiopia.

Raising Awareness (02:15)

Ethiopia Reads makes education in Ethiopia a high priority. Yohannes Gebregeorgis discusses his mission to establish libraries and provide books to Ethiopian children.

International Relationships (01:47)

The Metropolitan State University of Denver partners with the University of Axum in Ethiopia to exchange faculty, staff, and textbooks. MSU president Stephen Jordan explains why the universities created the partnership.

Planting the Seeds in Children (01:43)

Dr. Murphy-Kelsey explains that loved ones are the best prompters for getting children to help; modeling with explanations plays a large role in pro-social behavior.

Teaching Ethiopian Culture (03:11)

Experts discuss building a connection between children in the U.S. and children in Ethiopia. Co-founders of 4 Quarters for Kids discuss the program's purpose and learning appreciation through helping.

Westerners Search for Meaningful Life (02:44)

American college students discuss what is important in their lives, and share their goals and altruistic views.

Ethiopians Search for a Meaningful Life (03:43)

Ethiopian college students share their goals and altruistic views. Ethiopian adults express similar sentiments about important life issues.

Ethiopian Altruistic Views (01:52)

Ethiopian tour guides serves and connectors and educators for people traveling to Ethiopia. They discuss what brings meaning to their lives.

What Have We Learned? (03:15)

Education and giving to others are key components to a meaningful life for individuals in the United States and Ethiopia. Interviewees discuss finding their cause and making a difference.

Credits: The Role Of Altruism in a Meaningful Life: Intercultural Connections (00:41)

Credits: The Role Of Altruism in a Meaningful Life: Intercultural Connections

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The Role Of Altruism in a Meaningful Life: Intercultural Connections

Part of the Series : Intercultural Connections in Psychology: Altruism, Dimensions of Culture, and Happiness
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Although Ethiopia and the U.S. are worlds apart economically, citizens of both countries cite the same factors when asked what makes their lives meaningful. Is it possible that humanitarian ideals could play a part once a community’s basic survival needs are met? This program discusses the role of altruism in personal happiness, profiling individuals from vastly different cultures who all say that helping others is key. Experts in positive psychology explain how the charitable impulse relates to well-being, and the link is further explored when African and American volunteers from four international philanthropic groups tell why they get involved. In addition, the video looks at how, when, and why altruism develops in children. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A part of the series Intercultural Connections. (28 minutes)

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