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Studying Happiness (01:06)


Psychology traditionally focuses on disorders. Positive psychology studies optimal functioning, scientifically considering questions such as life's meaning. This film considers these questions with a focus on the U.S. and Ethiopia.

Money and Happiness (03:00)

Several ordinary Americans answer questions about happiness and mention money. Once you have basic necessities, however, additional money does not correlate to happiness.

Ethiopians on Money and Happiness (02:45)

Ethiopians interviewed do not mention money as a source of happiness. Materially, people can only hope for basic necessities, some explain.

Relative Wealth (00:34)

Having more money by itself doesn't increase happiness once basic needs are met, but relative wealth matters; people don't want to fall behind peers.

Relationships and Happiness (02:02)

Pleasure is not a reliable source of happiness. An expert talks about sources of lasting happiness. Several ordinary people talk about things that make them happy; many mention the importance of friends and family in a good life.

Ethiopian Community Strength and Happiness (03:00)

Ethiopians visit families every day; extended family relationships are strong. Ethiopians live collectivist lives in contrast to American individualism; collaboration is a major part of life.

Conversation and Happiness (01:21)

Across cultures, people report being happy, feeling slightly better-than-neutral. Happy people talk more, and their conversations are deeper, which allows them to be liked for who they are.

Health and Happiness (00:53)

Health is crucial to happiness. Opportunities for health vary across societies.

Religion, Happiness and Cultural Difference (03:48)

Spirituality is correlated with happiness. Religious expression is highly significant in Ethiopians' lives, while in the U.S., religion can lead to conflict, and many are unsure what they believe.

Credits: The Pursuit of Happiness in Ethiopia and the U.S.: Intercultural Connections (00:21)

Credits: The Pursuit of Happiness in Ethiopia and the U.S.: Intercultural Connections

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The Pursuit of Happiness in Ethiopia and the U.S.: Intercultural Connections

Part of the Series : Intercultural Connections in Psychology: Altruism, Dimensions of Culture, and Happiness
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Traditionally, psychologists have focused on what goes wrong in people’s lives rather than what’s going right, but theorists now are shifting their attention to the dynamics of thriving individuals and communities. Approaching the concept from diverse cultural perspectives, this program identifies factors that lead to lasting happiness for both American and Ethiopian students. Dr. Alexis Karris Bachic provides an overview of positive psychology as she debunks the notion that lottery winners must be happier than the poor; and while the two groups of students pursue joy in different ways, Bachic maintains that gratitude, pursuing goals, and good personal relationships are fundamental to well-being across all cultures. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A part of the series Intercultural Connections. (19 minutes)

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