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Toxic Effects of Mercury (02:03)


Mercury is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in the environment. This potent neurotoxin and pollutant is linked to chronic fatigue, anxiety, allergies, gastritis, insomnia, learning disabilities, panic attacks, schizophrenia, and psychosis.

Atmospheric Mercury (02:25)

Coal fired powered plants put dangerous chemicals into the air. These pollutants accumulate over time. Research has shown that mercury pollution and its chemical reactions in the environment may be important factors in species population reduction.

History of Amalgam Fillings (01:44)

Pharmaceutical waste is one of the world's biggest pollution concerns. Nearly 30 tons of mercury amalgam are discharged to waterway systems from dental facilities. Industries are not required take responsibility for the toxic waste they produce.

Mercury Poison Explained (03:33)

Mercury bioaccumulates. Air, food, and water are being poisoned. Virginia Pritchett discusses getting mercury amalgam fillings in the 1960s. At age 23 she began showing severe symptoms. She was unable to eat or tolerate medications.

Mercury Amalgam Absorption Explained (02:04)

Kathairein Magdalena writes notes to herself to remember important things. She gets tired, confused, lonely, and scared. When mercury vapor gets to the brain it is transformed to the toxic form Hg2+.

Effect of Amalgam Fillings (02:16)

Kathairein Magdalena talks about her amalgam fillings and their effect on her daily life. Chewing releases mercury vapor. The combination of nutritional deficiencies and mercury create problems often attributed to aging.

Power of Natural Foods (01:30)

Nature provides ways to clean itself. Wild onions and garlic have been known to pull heavy metals like mercury out of the body.

Mercury Causes Oxidation (02:16)

Randy Staudt shares his experience with amalgam fillings. A homeopathic doctor discovered he was being poisoned by his dental fillings. After they were removed his cholesterol decreased dramatically. Oxidation is a major factor of aging.

Effect of Mercury on Immune System (01:41)

Mercury toxicity causes a variety of symptoms and disorders. This makes it necessary for patients to be treated by multiple doctors. Hypersensitivity can be fixed by removing heavy metals, not by medication.

FDA Hearing (02:17)

Maryanne Rygg shares discusses mercury amalgam fillings. She was hospitalized with Crohn's disease. Virginia Pritchett testified before the FDA on March 10, 2011. In the last decade the drug industry has spent one billion dollars on lobbying.

Why Amalgam Fillings are Legal (02:10)

In 2008 a federal judge ordered the FDA to classify amalgam when the agency was sued by the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry. The commissioner of the FDA is the ultimate decision maker within the organization.

Silver Fillings Are Not Silver (02:52)

A mercury free dentist recalls what he was taught about mercury amalgam in dental school. Another dentist tells the story of leaving a dental practice because a pregnant client had a filling removed without any precautions to protect her health.

Conventional Medicine (03:14)

Research on mercury toxicity comes from Japan and Europe. Author of "The Green Body Cleanse" Edward F. Group III says that the body will heal itself of any disease if it is detoxified. Kathairein Magdalena discusses her mercury poisoning.

Integrative Medical Care (02:15)

Restoring health rather than blocking disease is an important component of medicine. Virginia Pritchett discusses her experience with traditional medicine while dealing with mercury poisoning. Doctors are constrained by fear.

Mercury Poison Testing Process (02:27)

Kathairein Magdalena has received a three part test in the mail. Hair, blood, and urine will be analyzed for mercury levels. She has been suffering from chronic symptoms since age 11.

Mercury Debate (01:23)

Mercury poison survivor Randy Staudt questions why mercury amalgam was ever used for fillings. A member of the World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry says the FDA is "pretending that they are still trying to find out if mercury is toxic."

Is There a Conflict of Interest? (02:14)

The pharmaceutical industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. It influences every aspect of health care and drug regulation. A huge amount of money would be lost if mercury fillings were eliminated.

Mercury for the Poor (01:54)

Dentists make more money with mercury fillings. Native Americans receive a disproportionate amount of amalgam. A dentist discusses his decision to stop using amalgam. He also explains why some dentists will not consider the dangers.

Why It Took So Long to Ban Amalgam Fillings in Norway (01:06)

Maryanne Rygg does not think dentists deliberately hurt their patients. The profession had a lot to lose. Dentists in Norway had a lot of influence in health bureaucracy. The ban in 2008 was declared by the Ministry of Environment.

Living with Mercury Poisoning (02:10)

Virginia Pritchett has dedicated her life to survival. She uses holistic medicine to treat her mercury poisoning. Kathairein Magdalena takes vitamins and minerals to remove the mercury build up in her body

Natural Detoxification (02:12)

A mercury free dentist explains the mercury safety protocols he was taught in dental school. There is no such thing as prescription detoxification because all prescriptions are synthetic compounds. Most doctors are not educated in metal poisoning.

Communication and Coordination Between Cells (02:34)

Kathairein Magdalena believes her ADHD is connected to mercury poisoning. Unpredictable chemical flexes destabilize the brain. Traces of mercury can cause the type of damage found in Alzheimer's diseases.

Effect of Mercury on Brain (02:41)

Major brain protein tubulin creates synapses. These neuron to neuron connections are decreased dramatically with Alzheimer's patients. A key energy transferring enzyme--Creatine Kinase was 97% inhibited in Alzheimer's patients.

How Mercury Causes Degeneration (01:53)

A mercury free dentists explains why the dental industry chose to ignore his finding on the effects of mercury amalgam fillings.

Current Drug System (02:50)

Government should not make decisions influenced by the economic and political clout of the drug industry. The FDA does not provide warning labels about the dangers of mercury. The dental industry continues to provide mercury amalgam fillings.

Lack of Research on Amalgams (02:40)

Allen Sprinkle D.D.S. speaks at an FDA hearing on March 10, 2011. Mercury poisoning survivor Randy Staudt says it is obvious that the research is there. It is political pressure that keeps mercury amalgam in use.

Amalgam Filling Removal Process (03:12)

The damaging effects of mercury can be increased by other minerals in the body. People with more fillings have more health problems. Mercury amalgam fillings are much cheaper than composites when life-long health effects are not considered.

Effects of Toxic Metals (03:02)

Removing mercury from the body is a long process. Mercury shuts off the ability to make ATP, the primary energy used in body functions. Mercury inhibits the body's ability to fight symptoms it has caused. A natural detox process is explained.

Mercury Amalgam Fillings Still Legal (03:24)

Most people are aware that mercury is a toxin. Virginia Pritchett explains how hard it is to be misunderstood by her family. She believes a ban will eventually happen in the U.S.

Credits: Mercury Undercover: Toxic Dental Fillings and Other Horror Stories (00:57)

Credits: Mercury Undercover: Toxic Dental Fillings and Other Horror Stories

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Dental amalgam, a material commonly used in fillings, contains more mercury than any other medical product sold in America. Why is this toxic substance still on the market and is there political pressure keeping it there? To what extent have the FDA and ADA concealed the risk of dental amalgam fillings from the public? This eye-opening documentary features interviews with scientists, doctors, patients, and attorneys who share disturbing conclusions about mercury toxicity—and not just from dental work. Viewers learn how mercury pollution results from coal-fired power plants and other industrial sources. From species endangerment to compromised food safety, the hazards of high mercury levels in fish and wildlife are depicted in a manner that is certain to galvanize environmental science students and burgeoning eco-activists. (70 minutes)

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