Segments in this Video

Unamuno's Strange Encounter (04:47)


Unamuno stands on a bridge overlooking the city and sees a man. Unamuno follows the man into the patio of a church. A nun says no one outside the convent had been there in eight months. Unamuno reads "Niebla."

Augusto's Aimless Jaunt (04:36)

Augusto follows a woman aimlessly. He obtains information from the maid about the lady he followed, Eugenia Domingo. He is confused about a concordance rule in her name.

Life is a Fog of Chance (02:15)

Augusto confides to his dog that life is a fog of small occurrences, such as seeing Eugenia. He marvels that his servant's name is Domingo. He writes to Eugenia Domingo.

Not a Novel, A Nivola (02:04)

Augusto plays chess with a writer friend who tells Augusto his characters' constant dialogue is meaningless. The genre is not a novel, but a "nivola," with its own rules which cannot be criticized.

Beauty for Beauty's Sake (01:59)

Augusto passes Eugenia in the street without recognizing her. Augusto talks with the servants about his future marriage.

Eugenia's Family Catastrophe (04:09)

Augusto saves the dropped birdcage and meets the grateful owner, Eugenia's aunt. The uncle shares his ideas of mystic anarchism. The aunt tells of the "catastrophe," the suicide of Eugenia's father and the family debts.

Eugenia: Woman of the Future (03:07)

Eugenia thinks that playing the piano is work, not beauty. Her uncle says she is the woman of the future and should be dominated. Augusto admires her.

Nature of Reality (04:30)

Eugenia taunts Augusto with Mauricio. The writer is told the legend of the fireworks maker who, blinded by an explosion, couldn't see the burned face of his beloved. She was more beautiful in his imagination.

Eugenia Rejects Augusto's Generosity (04:04)

The writer tells someone the true story of Augusto and Eugenia. Augusto pays her debt though she loves Mauricio. He only wants her to be happy. She insults him and rejects his generosity.

Augusto's Eyes are Opened to the Beauty of Women (06:42)

Augusto admires her spirit. Her body is pure soul, he says. He accosts the ironing woman. Eugenia has opened his eyes to the beauty of other women, others who would love him.

Augusto Consults and Expert on Women (03:20)

Augusto asks how to know if a man is in love. He consults an expert who studies women. The idea that women have a collective soul explains why Augusto loves other women. He fears attraction to his servant..

A Logical Study of Women (03:46)

Augusto decides to make an in-depth psychological study of women. He asks forgiveness of Rosarito, the ironing woman, then asks her not to forget him. Augusto vacillates between attraction and repulsion.

The Writer Calls It Fate (02:55)

The writer continues his story. Eugenia has changed her mind about Augusto. Mauricio suggests that she marry Augusto, but continue as lovers. Augusto has little will power. Eugenia has Augusto hire Mauricio who consoles Rosarito.

Eugenia Runs Away With Mauricio (03:13)

Now that Eugenia doesn't need to teach piano, she won't play for Augusto as he had dreamed. Eugenia runs away with Mauricio to where Augusto found him a position. "Console yourself with Rosarito," she writes.

God's Dreams (03:52)

Augusto consults Unamuno, the author, about suicide. Unamuno avers Augusto does not exist except as a figment of imagination of the author and his readers. Even the author will die--when God forgets to dream him.

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The most widely-read work of modern Spanish fiction is here presented in a brilliant production which makes the unravelings of its absurdist plot clear and turns its existentialist probings into logical, everyday conversation. The film is ideal as either a companion to reading or—where time is lacking—as a substitute. An RTVE Production. (Spanish, 60 minutes)

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