Segments in this Video

Juan Dahlmann, Librarian (01:45)


Juan Dahlmann, a descendant of famous ancestors, was secretary of a municipal library, and considered himself profoundly Argentinean. He had managed to keep a ranch in the south, but his duties kept him in the city.

Nightmare (03:06)

Dahlmann has a nightmare where he is at their ranch in the south and is killed in a knife fight by a tough ruffian.

Father Belongings (04:47)

When he wakes up from the nightmare, Dahlmann goes through his father's belongings: his glasses and a dagger. His father had recently passed away. Dahlmann tells his mother about the dream.

Breakfast with Mother (02:50)

Dahlmann puts on his father's shoes, packs some things, and has breakfast with his mother. They talk about the ranch and Dahlmann promises his mother he will have it fixed by the summer.

Dreaming Of His Death (04:38)

Dahlmann felt that if he could choose his death, it would be in a knife fight. It would mean liberation. A coworker reads to him the news from an old newspaper about a man killed on a knife fight. Dahlmann daydreams again of his death.

Rats and Books (03:14)

At the library, an employee takes Dahlmann down to the basement and shows him the most recent damage caused by rats. Dahlmann reflects on books.

Sister Reveals Story of the Father (05:35)

Dahlmann visits his sister. They share memories of their vacations at the ranch. She tells him the story of their father not accepting the challenge to a knife fight with a ruffian, which explains why he never returned to the ranch.

Visit to the Church (05:20)

Dahlmann visits the church where his grandfather's chapel once stood. Back at the library, a secretary tells him that his friend at the bookstore had called saying that he had something for him.

Lost Book and Fall (04:09)

At the bookstore, the owner presents Dahlmann with the very same volume of The Thousand and One Nights that Dahlmann had lost. Climbing up the stairs to his apartment, he suffers a terrible fall.

Pain and Collapse (03:58)

Dahlmann manages to make it up the last steps to his apartment. The mother treats his wound but he refuses to go to the hospital. Once in bed, Dahlmann suffers from pain and then collapses.

At the Hospital (03:55)

Dahlmann is taken to the hospital, where they take X-rays, shave his head, and take him to the operating room for surgery.

Dahlmann Takes Train Going South (04:15)

In a scene that we are not sure if part of reality or a dream, we see a Dahlmann dressed in his father's attire get on a train going south. On the train, he reads "The Thousand and One Nights."

Dahlmann Eats at the General Store (03:46)

Once off the train, Dahlmann decided to eat at the general store. Some country men were eating and drinking at one of the tables. The shop owner brought him some food and wine.

Knife Fight (03:05)

One of the men at the other table starts throwing balls of breadcrumb at Dahlmann, who after some hesitation decides to confront the farmers. Dahlmann engages in a hopeless knife fight.

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