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News of Father's Suicide (05:15)


On July of 1922, Emma Zunz, on returning from the Tarbuch & Loewenthal textile factory, finds a letter, date-stamped in Brazil, from which she learns of her father's death.

Theft and Secret (04:41)

Emma had kept secret that her father, convicted of theft, had sworn to her that the thief was Aaron Loewenthal, formerly manager of the factory but now one of its owners. By morning she had a plan.

At The Women's Club (05:30)

After work, Emma goes with her best friend Elsa and another friend to a women's club. They talk about boyfriends, but men still inspire in Emma an almost pathological fear.

Friday 15th, The Eve (04:17)

At the women's club, the friends discuss which cinema they would go to Sunday. Back at home, Emma eats early and forces herself to sleep. In that trivial way she passes Friday 15th, the eve.

Phone Call to Loewenthal (04:26)

On Saturday, Emma telephoned Loewenthal, insinuated that she wanted to talk about the strike without the others knowing, and promised to pass by his office at dusk.

Emma Wanders Through Bars (03:04)

That afternoon Emma goes to the docks. She goes into two or three bars, and observes the routines and maneuvers of other women.

Emma Sleeps With Sailor (04:15)

Emma finally finds herself with some men from the ship that would be leaving that night. Following her plans, she goes to bed with one of the sailors. She serves for pleasure while he serves for justice.

Loewenthal Awaits Report (04:02)

Aaron Loewenthal lived alone above the factory. He feared thieves and had a big dog and, in the drawer of his desk, a revolver. He awaited the confidential report of worker Zunz.

Emma Arrives at Loewenthal's (04:31)

Emma arrives at Loewenthal's house planning to kill him. Following her plans, she invokes (as a good informer would) the obligations of loyalty, pronounces a few names and hints at others.

Emma Kills Loewenthal (02:53)

Emma tells Loewenthal of her father's death. She kills him before she gets to finish the accusation that she had prepared ("I have avenged my father and they cannot punish me…").

Justice Prevails (01:47)

Emma picks up the phone and says Mr. Loewenthal had abused her and that she killed him. The story is convincing because essentially it was true. The circumstances, time and a few names are wrong.

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Beneath the timid personality of 19-year-old Emma Zunz there lurks a thirst for vengeance. In this tale, Emma’s father, wrongly accused of a crime, commits suicide, sending her on a search for the real culprit. Contains mature themes. An RTVE Production. (Spanish, 52 minutes)

Length: 53 minutes

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