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Baltazar Espinosa Visits Cousin Daniel (04:31)


Don Daniel receives his cousin Baltazar Espinosa, a medical student, at the train station, and takes him to the family ranch, where Baltazar will spend some days visiting and studying for his final exam.

Daily Chores at the Ranch (04:09)

The first days after the arrival, Don Daniel takes his cousin with Gutre, the foreman, to the fields and daily chores with the cattle. Then Don Daniel leaves for Buenos Aires for a couple of days.

Salado River Overflows (04:38)

As soon as Don Daniel leaves, it starts pouring down with rain. When a leak threatens the foreman's house, Espinosa gives the Gutres a room at the back of the main house.

Espinosa and the Gutres Together (05:37)

The rain doesn't stop, and the nearby Salado River overflows its banks, leaving Espinosa and the Gutres isolated. This draws them all closer, and they start eating together.

English Bible (03:50)

Emilia, Gutre's daughter, the only woman in the ranch, brings Espinosa an English Bible that belongs to her family. In the blank pages at the end, there is a record of the Gutres' Irish lineage.

Espinosa Reads the Gospels (03:44)

Espinosa starts reading the Gutres the Gospel according to St. Mark after their evening meal. They lacked any religious faith. Espinosa and the Gutres fix the windmill to get fresh clean water.

Incest (04:50)

Espinosa reads the Ten Commandments. The storm continues for days. Gutre's son Antonio finds out that the father has an incestuous relation with Emilia, the daughter. Espinosa heals a sick lamb.

Emilia Sick (04:13)

Antonio misinterprets the messages of the Bible. Emilia, the daughter, gets sick and Espinosa starts taking care of her. The Gutres insist that Espinosa keeps reading to them the Gospel of Mark.

Sacrifice (04:46)

Antonio wants to possess his sister like his father does. Feeling remorse for his evil thoughts, and remembering the passage where Christ casts out a legion of devils, he sacrifices a swine.

History of the Passion (02:47)

Espinosa reads the History of the Passion from the Gospel. Gutre asks Espinosa if he believes in eternity, to which Espinosa answers affirmatively.

Sin and Crucifixion (06:20)

Emilia, naked, gets in Espinosa's bed. Next morning, the Gutres ask Espinosa's blessing, then they mock at him, spit on him, and lead him to the shed, where they have built a cross to crucify him.

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This story captures a man’s journey to the mystical house of a father, son, and daughter, where strange events bring the traveler to a better understanding of the redemptive power of Christ’s suffering and death. An RTVE Production. (Spanish, 54 minutes)

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