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Rosendo's Story (03:30)


An author takes shelter in a cafe during a rain storm in a Spanish town. While shining his shoes, Rosendo Juarez decides to set the record straight about an incident he wrote about. (Credits)

Humble Spanish Upbringing (02:42)

Young Rosendo interrupts his mother's ironing in a poor village in the early 20th century. A few years later he is an adolescent; she scolds him for playing and tells him to deliver laundry.

A Struggling Single Mother (02:56)

Rosendo's mother asks if he'll look for work—they need money since his father left. Boys and men laugh at him as he walks around his Spanish village in a new suit.

Standing Ground (02:17)

A drunk man throws himself on women in the village bar, then picks a fight with Rosendo.

Local Spanish Hero (03:48)

Rosendo kills a drunken bully in a knife fight. He returns to the bar and the bartender advises him to leave town.

Justice in Rural Spain (03:39)

Local police arrest Rosendo in the middle of the night. The lieutenant gives him a choice of signing a murder confession or being imprisoned for 24 years; a crowd of angry villagers gathers outside.

Spanish Militia Conscription (03:01)

After killing a man, the police send Rosendo to join the local fascists—warning him that one mistake will land him in prison.

Spanish Assassin (01:48)

Rosendo leads a militia raid to break up a local socialist meeting. Later, he is paid to kill a man.

Becoming a Bully (Mature Themes) (04:30)

Rosendo returns to his village bar; the bartender remarks how he's changed. He chases away men vying for an attractive woman's attention and seduces her.

Defending Honor (02:55)

Rosendo and a group of assassins kill a socialist. Later, his girlfriend is propositioned by a stranger at the village bar--who challenges him to a fight.

Trouble with Superiors (02:37)

Rosendo's boss informs him he's killed an important politician in an honor fight—and now they'll have to try to fix the situation.

Arming the Spanish Right (02:34)

Rosendo's boss forgives him for killing a politician as they make a weapon delivery. Back at the village bar, Rosendo asks his girlfriend to take a break from work.

Political Confrontation (02:12)

A socialist leader prepares poor Spaniards for a strike against wealthy landowners. Rosendo and his fascist militia infiltrate the meeting; after killing a few men, he is recognized and flees.

Family Loss (05:10)

The village bartender informs Rosendo his mother has died. At the funeral, his friend Juan asks his advice on whether to fight the man who has taken his wife, or to let her go and damage his honor.

A Challenge (06:35)

Rosendo and his girlfriend attend Juan's funeral. At the bar, a man from Andalucía insults her and challenges him to a fight—but he refuses, unafraid to be called a coward.

Choosing Life over Reputation (01:26)

Rosendo explains why he chose not to fight a provocateur. As the author finishes writing his story, he disappears from the cafe.

Credits: “La otra historia de Rosendo Juarez” (01:29)

Credits: “La otra historia de Rosendo Juarez”

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Set in 1930s Spain amidst the politics of the right and the left, this is the tale of a man of humble origin who kills the town bully in a just fight. His life then takes a sudden turn, entangling him in a spiral of violence and suspicion. An RTVE Production. (Spanish, 54 minutes)

Length: 54 minutes

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